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ACCO-PHOS® Heavy Metal Removal Reagents

Removing Cadmium, Arsenic and Other Metals for Safer Fertilizers and Animal Feed

A growing global population and higher caloric intake are leading to an increase in demand for phosphate-based fertilizers and animal feeds. Phosphate rock used in the production of these products often contains cadmium (Cd), arsenic (As), and other heavy metal impurities at concentrations that are considered to be toxic and mutagenic to humans. Accordingly, existing and pending heavy metal regulations, especially in the EU, limit heavy metal content in finished phosphate fertilizers and feeds, necessitating the removal of impurities. 

Many decadmiation technologies offer high Cd removal rates from phosphoric acid, but few have been implemented due to process inefficiencies or undesirable byproducts; as a result, fertilizer producers have been slow to adopt these technologies at industrial scale.

Used primarily in the filtration stage within phosphoric acid plants, Syensqo’s ACCO-PHOS® heavy metal removal reagents provide a simple, effective and economical technology for achieving significantly reduced Cd and As levels in phosphoric acid, enabling compliance with current and anticipated regulatory requirements.


ACCO-PHOS® Application

New Possibilities for Heavy Metal Removal 

ACCO-PHOS® reagents are currently in use at industrial scale, and Syensqo is committed to further investing in the technology to improve selectivity, efficiency, and sustainability. 

Heavy Metal Reduction

ACCO-PHOS® reagents can help customers reduce heavy metal concentrations by more than 90%. Also, unlike conventional solutions, Syensqo’s ACCO-PHOS® introduces the potential to remove heavy metals other than arsenic (As) or cadmium (Cd), such as mercury (Hg) and copper (Cu). 
Efficient & Cost-Conscious

ACCO-PHOS® reagents substantially improve operational efficiency by reducing phosphate loss that normally results from excessive heavy metal concentrations. Additionally, because ACCO-PHOS® is a bolt-on technology, it requires minimal capital expenditure and no additional unit processes. In terms of dose, ACCO-PHOS® can be adjusted based on heavy metal levels in the feed to consistently achieve heavy metal removal targets.
Safety & Sustainability
ACCO-PHOS® reagents generate minimal-to-no H2S, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals. For this reason — and its downstream benefits with respect to food safety and ecosystem preservation (e.g., limiting heavy metal runoff into bodies of water) — ACCO-PHOS® can play an important role in helping organizations achieve multifaceted sustainability goals.
Supply Chain Flexibility
ACCO-PHOS® use enables plants to be flexible in that they can source ore of varying heavy metal concentrations.  


Looking for the data? Discover industry insights and performance data in our new White Paper. 

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Heavy Metal Removal

Compliance and Product Differentiation  

By enabling phosphate producers to develop offerings featuring low heavy metal content, fertilizer and feed producers stand to generate greater value through product differentiation and premium brand positioning. Additionally, with regulations tightening, and efforts such as the EU’s Green Label initiative and the Safe Food/Feed program gaining traction, the agriculture industry continues shifting toward safer fertilizers through Cd removal to limit concerns over food safety and impacts on ecosystems. Our innovative heavy metal removal technology was developed in anticipation of these standards to facilitate compliance with future regulations and help fertilizer and feed producers maintain their license to operate. 

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