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Aquivion® ion conducting polymers

Superior Cation Conductivity with Outstanding Thermal and Chemical Stability

Aquivion® ionomer enables solutions for megatrend-related challenges such as zero-emission transportation and integration of renewable energy in electrical grids. With the industry’s broadest range of product forms and compositions, ranging from ionomer membranes, dispersion and other perfluorinated product forms, Syensqo’s Aquivion® portfolio is a key material for electrical storage and conversion devices such as fuel cells, electrolyzers and flow batteries used in conjunction with zero-emission electricity sources. These innovative materials are based on the Short Side Chain (SSC) copolymer of Tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and Sulfonyl Fluoride Vinyl Ether (SFVE).

Why Aquivion®?

  • Superior cation conductivity
  • Outstanding chemical stability 
  • Excellent thermal stability (up to 230°C in most cases)
  • Available in various ready-to-use, semi-finished and processable forms 
  • Broad range of chemical compositions (equivalent weight)
  • 20+ year track record of development and industrialization

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Market Applications


Aquivion® ionomers offer a broad range of solutions for hydrogen conversion, electricity storage and process reaction.

The superior cation conductivity of the material is leveraged in fuel cells for zero-emission transportation in trucks, busses and passenger cars, providing “clean air” mobility in metropolitan areas and in Redox-Flow batteries to answer the growing need for electricity storage systems due to the increase of renewable electricity developments. 

Aquivion® ionomers have outstanding chemical and thermal stability that enables high-efficiency green hydrogen production with a lower carbon footprint.

In the chemical industry, the material is used as a solid reusable catalyst and replaces disposable liquid organic acids such as sulfuric acid or HF, thereby eliminating large amounts of chemical waste that need to be either treated prior to disposal or recycled in a difficult or energy-intensive way.

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Product Line

  • Aquivion® Membranes: Aquivion® melt-extruded ionomer membranes are available in the acid form and feature a lower Equivalent Weight (EW) than most other commercial proton exchange membranes. Nominal thicknesses range from 50 – 150 microns. The material’s distinctive Short Side Chain (SSC) ionomer imparts higher crystallinity, improved mechanical properties and better proton conductivity.
  • Aquivion® Dispersions: Aquivion® dispersions are water-based dispersions, contain the acid form (R-SO3H) and are available in various Equivalent Weights (EWs). One grade is in the Lithium salt form (R-SO3Li). Syensqo’s sophisticated dispersion technology provides products that remain Newtonian at aqueous state or when mildly formulated with n-propanol.
  • Aquivion® Powders: Aquivion® ready-to-use powders offer greater chemical resistance than conventional exchange resins, making them better suited for exposure to aggressive environments. A lithium salt powder is also available.
  • Aquivion® Pellets: Aquivion® Pellets are the only form that, due to their sulfonyl fluoride group (-SO2F), can be melt-extruded and then successively converted into their ionic form (-SO3X, X=H/Na/K/Li). After their chemical activation, molded shapes can be utilized in the chemical industry as durable catalytic or ion-exchange materials.