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Cerafy™ range of Ceramides by Syensqo

Cerafy™ Pure NPo

Empowering Vitality Through Ceramides

Cerafy™ Pure NPo: Pure Biomimetic Ceramide III (NP) for a Stronger Barrier Function

CERAFY™ Pure NPo - Pure biomimetic ceramide III (NP) for a stronger barrier function

Cerafy™ Pure NPo is the flagship product of the Cerafy™ range, embodying Syensqo's commitment to offering skincare solutions. This 100% biomimetic ceramide NP (ceramide 3), obtained through a meticulous process of fermentation and acylation with oleic acid, is specifically designed to replenish the skin's natural ceramide levels.

Key Features and Benefits:

Benefits of CERAFY™ Pure NPo
  • Innovative and sustainable ceramide
  • Mimics the natural skin component, ceramide NP (3)
  • Hero ingredient answering the need for dermocosmetics and strong efficacy
  • Replenishes and restores skin barrier
  • Improves the skin hydration, texture, and appearance

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Cerafy™ Pure NPo in Action

Over time and with exposure to environmental aggressors, the skin's natural ceramide NP levels decrease, compromising the protective function of the skin barrier. Cerafy™ Pure NPo is essential for repairing and strengthening the outer layer of the skin—the stratum corneum—thus enhancing the skin barrier and improving hydration.

By leveraging Cerafy™ Pure NPo, we offer a product that nourishes the skin and protects its natural integrity and beauty. Cerafy™ Pure NPo adds significant value to skincare formulations, giving the skin a youthful and radiant appearance. This ceramide is an excellent ally for all skin, scalp, and hair care products.

Cerafy™ Pure NPo: Proven Efficacy Through Rigorous Testing

Cerafy™ Pure NPo - Proven Efficacy through Rigorous Testing

In terms of performance, Cerafy™ Pure NPo demonstrates its efficacy through rigorous testing, including corneometry to evaluate skin hydration and the measurement of transepidermal water loss (TEWL). These methods underscore its superior hydrating properties, significantly improving skin moisture levels and barrier function over both short and long terms.

The results illustrate its capacity to maintain superior skin hydration compared to alternatives, showcasing its effectiveness in preventing TEWL and promoting rapid barrier recovery. Formulators can rely on Cerafy™ Pure NPo as the perfect solution that integrates seamlessly into skin care formulations and substantiates claims with solid scientific backing. 

Cerafy™ Pure NPo: Transforming Skin Care and Beyond

Skin Care

Ceramides for Skin Care
  • Moisturizing and anti aging skin care
  • Emulsions (lotions to creams)
  • Mask and Balm
  • Body care
  • Sun care
  • Hand and nails Care

Hair & Scalp Care

Ceramides for Hair Care
  • Conditioners

  • Hair serums

  • Scalp oils and treatment


Ceramides for Skin Cleansing
  • Moisturizing body wash

  • Face cleansing and mask

Color Cosmetics

Ceramides for Color Cosmetics
  • Foundations

  • Eyes products

  • Lips products

Hydrate. Invigorate. Innovate.

As we continue to innovate and expand our ceramide range, we invite you to explore the potential of Cerafy™ with us. Our experts are dedicated to providing solutions that empower the vitality of the skin and hair, ensuring it remains hydrated and healthy.