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Cerafy™ range of Ceramides by Syensqo


Empowering Vitality Through Ceramides

Ceramides: a Dynamic Force in Beauty Care

Enhancing skin health can be approached by activating the skin's natural biological mechanisms with ingredients like peptides and botanical extracts or by supplementing it directly with biomimetic molecules such as ceramides and amino acids. Amidst a sustainability-driven industry shift, Syensqo is committed to offering effective, planet-friendly ceramide solutions, meeting consumer demands for performance and sustainability but also contributing to a lower environmental footprint. 

Cerafy™: Replenishing the Skin's Natural Barrier with Ceramide Solutions

Syensqo's Cerafy™ range embodies the vitality of ceramides, with the biomimetic structure of these powerful molecules that replenish and restore beauty. Our Cerafy™ solutions prevent premature aging and fight against dryness to help ensure the skin and hair remain strong and protected.

Syensqo is at the forefront of leveraging the dynamic nature of ceramides, continuously expanding the Cerafy™ range to reflect and represent each unique type. This approach allows formulators to develop personalized skin care routines that can address individual consumer needs, harnessing the natural power of ceramides to restore, protect, and maintain the skin's beauty. 

Cerafy™ Pure NPo is the first product in the range. This pure biomimetic ceramide III (NP) is the ideal solution to boost skin barrier function. 

Discover Cerafy™ Pure NPo 

The Science Behind Cerafy™  Technology

The science behind Cerafy

Syensqo employs an innovative manufacturing process to create the Cerafy™ products. This begins with the ceramide precursor (phytosphingosine) extraction through yeast fermentation, followed by acylation with fatty acid. This method ensures that Cerafy™ solutions are identical to their naturally occurring counterparts, present in the stratum corneum, which, in turn, offers great bioaffinity and strong efficacy. This induces enhanced skin barrier protection, moisture retention and a biomimetic activity that closely mimics the skin's natural processes.

Elevate Your Beauty Care Formulations with Cerafy™

With Cerafy™, we empower formulators to create diverse, responsible, and personalized skin care solutions. Our technology also provides key active ingredients essential for hair care and skin cleansing formulations, ensuring high-quality, tailored products that meet the unique needs of every individual.

Skin Care 

Ceramides for Skin Care

Hair Care 

Ceramides for Hair Care


Ceramides for Skin Cleansing