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The CYASORB® product family includes the following UV stabilizers:

  • CYASORB® UV-5411 light absorber: general purpose UV protection for PC molding and sheets, styrenics, POM and PBT
  • CYASORB® UV-3853 Series light stabilizers: a family of products based on hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) chemistry, for general use in automotive applications
  • CYASORB® UV-3808PP5 light stabilizer: enhanced option for interior and exterior applications, providing color and gloss protection and weathering resistance
  • CYASORB® UV-3638F light absorber: excellent UV protection for PET films, fibers and molded parts, copolyester sheets and PC parts
  • CYASORB® UV-3529 light stabilizer: offers chemical-resistant UV protection for sport surfaces, responding to artificial turf producer demands for improvements in physical property retention for PE grass yarns in contact with ground rubber tire in-fill materials 
  • CYASORB® UV-3346 light stabilizers: HALS for 1- and 2-year greenhouse film covers 
  • CYASORB® UV-1164 light absorber: provides outstanding UV durability in PC, copolyesters and PBT
  • CYASORB® UV-531 light absorber: UV absorber for greenhouse film covers and EVA encapsulants; typically used with CYASORB®  UV-3529 or CYASORB®  UV-3346
  • CYASORB® UV-9 light absorber: general purpose UV protection and enhanced productivity for EVA encapsulants