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Diofan® PVDC for coatings applications

Protect Your Value with High Barrier Polymers 

Diofan® PVDC aqueous dispersions, when applied to various types of base webs, significantly enhance their barrier and packaging properties, enabling them to preserve fresh foods longer and maintain drug efficacy, particularly important for distribution to remote geographical areas. 

In addition to offering superior barrier properties for food and pharmaceutical packaging, Diofan® PVDC products are the basic ingredient for effective corrosion protection systems in the metal converting industry and maintenance sector. The building industry appreciates the unsurpassed humidity barrier created for walls and floors by coating and primer systems containing Diofan® PVDC resins.

Why Diofan® PVDC?

  • Superior water vapor and oxygen barrier
  • Excellent transparency
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Excellent thermoformability
  • Good seal integrity
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Water resistance

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Market Applications

For more than 50 years Syensqo has been developing and commercializing PVDC aqueous dispersions for barrier packaging films that are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The unique knowledge acquired from research in these Consumer and Healthcare market areas has been successfully extended to other industries such as Oil & Gas, Industrial Coatings, Building & Construction.

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Product Line 

Our portfolio offers a wide range of different PVDC-based copolymers delivering the specific properties required in a variety of different final applications. A broad range of barriers to many gaseous substances are available together with differentiated tailored adhesion onto different substrates. The product portfolio encompasses various grades designed to meet stringent sealability requirements and compatibility space.