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Diofan® PVDC for coatings applications




Functional enabling material for blister packaging

40 years of leadership in barrier materials have demonstrated the performance of Diofan® PVDC coatings for long-term drug safety, even in the most demanding climate conditions. Several properties contribute to its performance, including machinability, thermoformability, consistent quality, ease of tablet- and blister-to-carton-feeding, and seal integrity at high line speeds.


Diofan® PVDC on Rigid PVC Films

Blister packs effectively protect each individual tablet or capsule and are considered the best packaging for pharmaceuticals in terms of safety, traceability, hygiene, and product life.

PVC/Diofan® PVDC or PVC/PE/Diofan® PVDC multilayer films have been designed to create reliable secure packaging solutions for drugs that are moisture-sensitive.

Rigid PVC films coated with Diofan® PVDC can also be used when excellent barrier qualities are required to prevent gas, odors, and water vapor from reaching the product inside the packs.


Diofan® Super B

When it comes to protecting the efficacy of ultra-sensitive pharmaceuticals, nothing can compare to the ultra-barrier performance of film coatings made from Diofan® Super B. This remarkable, high-performance polymer provides superior protection from both oxygen and water vapor. Most other barrier polymers offer protection from either one or the other.

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Diofan® Super B coatings provide: packaging line efficiency, good seal integrity at high line speeds, higher pill density and smaller pack sizes by eliminating the stiffening rib, ease of tablet and blister-to-carton-feeding, transparency, global regulatory compliance, cost-competitive manufacturing.



Ideal combination of fundamental properties for food packaging solutions

Aqueous Diofan® PVDC dispersions enhance and upgrade packaging materials by giving them barrier properties which prevent the transmission of water vapor or oxygen, as well as odor absorption.

Diofan® PVDC coatings provide strong seals to make hermetic packages and improve the appearance of packaging through their transparency, gloss, print-adhesion, and scratch resistance.


Diofan® PVDC on Oriented PP Films

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films are widely used for the packaging of biscuits, confectionery, snacks, cereals, salads & fresh products, overwraps for tobacco and perfumes, pet care, etc. which are very sensitive to humidity and oxygen. The sealability of BOPP films is obtained by coextrusion of different types of polypropylene. Sometimes, the sealing and the barrier properties are not sufficient to conveniently close the package and give adequate protection to the food.

For these reasons, most BOPP film producers have developed Diofan® PVDC coated structures that give good sealing properties as well as an enhanced water vapor or gas barrier. BOPP films coated with Diofan® PVDC on either one or both sides can be found in a variety of packaging applications.


Diofan® PVDC on PET Films

As well as oriented polypropylene, PET films are widely used in complexes for various packaging applications. When PET films are associated with Diofan® PVDC coatings, they become suitable as high-performance barrier films that can be used for example as a lid for thermoformed trays to pack fresh food, even under modified atmosphere (MAP). These films can also be found in stand-up pouches and in transparent and printed packaging solutions to protect fatty products like baked food, chocolate, olives, etc. Diofan® PVDC coated and laminated PET films can be pasteurized and used in the microwave.


Diofan® PVDC on Paper and Cellulosic Substrates

Due to their unrivaled performance profile, advanced paper and board packaging structures with Diofan® PVDC coatings are used to package bakery products, freeze-dried products, and water-sensitive materials, such as salt or bicarbonate.

The portfolio of solutions offers an effective barrier against the migration of contaminants into packaged foods, such as mineral oil (MOSH, MOAH) and other non-intentionally added substances. This protective feature is coupled with an improved sustainability profile compared to other Polyolefin based alternatives.  


Soluble PVDC Ixan® Resins for Adhesion Promoter Formulations in the Printing Industry

Together with water-based PVDC dispersion of the Diofan® portfolio, Syensqo specialty polymers solutions for the consumer market also encompass soluble PVDC resins with excellent adhesion performances on aluminum, metalized films and substrates, plastic films, paper, cellulose film, steel, and wood. Ixan® SGA-1 is a multipurpose resin miscible in a wide range of common solvents at room temperature and it is suitable for subsequent coating with Diofan® PVDC waterborne dispersions. 

Industrial Coatings


Diofan® PVDC in corrosion protection

Diofan® PVDC dispersions are the basic ingredient for effective corrosion protection systems in the metal converting industry and maintenance sector.

Diofan® PVDC based anticorrosive coating formulations enable cost-efficient, reliable protection for automotive underbody and part coatings as well as for components in railway, agricultural, construction machinery, and many other applications.

Benefits include good adhesion thanks to the specifically designed functional groups, APEO and VOC-free, high solid content to enable wide formulation space, low water pickup to withstand the harshest conditions.



The building industry appreciates the unsurpassed humidity barrier for walls and floors created by coating and primer systems containing Diofan® PVDC. Diofan® PVDC is the best water-borne liquid sealing membrane. The very low VOC dispersion is free of plasticizers and can be fully compliant with requirements for food-grade paints. Ideally used as a one-pack primer on hygroscopic material, it gives outstanding protection against moisture. Diofan® PVDC primer coatings meet the most demanding water-vapor barrier requirements in accordance with ETAG 022 for liquid applied watertight covering for wet rooms with wearing surfaces.

Oil & Gas


Effective breaker encapsulation technologies in hydraulic fracturing applications

Breakers are an important component of hydraulic fracturing fluids, particularly gelled fluids, as they assist with the clean-up of the fracture when pressure is released. Diofan® PVDC F805 and F807 grades offer performance attributes that make them ideal for encapsulating breaking agents such as ammonium, potassium and sodium persulphate, which are used to lower the fracturing fluid’s viscosity before the fluid flows back.