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Hyflon® Perfluoropolymers

Hyflon® perfluoropolymer is the range of melt-processable perfluoroalkoxy fluorocarbon resins specifically designed for high-temperature service with virtually universal chemical resistance. It is a family of semicrystalline resins that combines high-performance properties with exceptional value.

Why Hyflon® perfluoropolymers?

  • Intrinsic processing stability 
  • Surface smoothness
  • Lower thermal rating
  • High tenacity (high stress/strain at break)
  • High flex-life

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Market Applications


The excellent resistance against aggressive environments and against thermal stress cracking makes Hyflon® perfluoropolymer particularly suitable for pipes and tubes used in chemical transportation and in the oil & gas industry.

Thanks to the ease of processing using transfer molding techniques, Hyflon® perfluoropolymer resins can be used for linings of valves, tubes, and fittings that require special thermal and chemical resistance. These resins can also be injection molded to obtain self-supported items like fittings and valves.

In the electrical industry, Hyflon® perfluoropolymer products are used as primary insulation for high-temperature hook-up wires.

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Hyflon® Perfluoropolymer Product Line

The Hyflon® perfluoropolymer range consists of three product series: the P series, the M series, and the F series. All can be used in applications as diverse as tubing, fittings, tank linings, tower packing, fittings and valve linings, films, high purity, fibers, heat tracing wiring, avionics, and specialty cables.

The P series features a higher melting point.

The M series can offer:

  • Intrinsic processing stability due to the presence of the more stable methyl side chains
  • Improved surface smoothness, which reduces the tendency for adhesion and growth of bacteria
  • Remarkably higher transmittance values over the whole spectrum resulting in improved clarity

The F series can offer:

  • Higher flex-life than P and M series
  • Improved clarity and UV light transparency