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Tecnoflon® FFKM

Tecnoflon® FFKM delivers the ultimate sealing performance in extreme conditions. Products include high-purity grades used in semiconductor fabrication, grades for extreme operating temperatures, and grades that provide exceptional chemical resistance. 

Peroxide curable PFR-FFKM products provide tailored combinations of heat and chemical resistance for critical applications in the semiconductor, oil & gas, and chemical processing industries. Tecnoflon® SHP 84 is a peroxide curable SHP-FFKM grade that offers the best chemical resistance to the widest range of fluids and chemicals used in the oil & gas and chemical processing industries.  

Nitrile curable PFR-FFKM grades offer the best sealing performance at extremely high temperatures up to 350°C (662°F).


Tecnoflon® PFR-FFKM offers the widest temperature range among all elastomers


Chemical resistance

Tecnoflon® FFKM offers the best chemical resistance among all elastomers and is only affected by fluorinated fluids.


Inorganic acids C C C B A A
Organic acids B B D C C A
Alkalis B B B B A A
Amines A A D D A A
Steam C B C C A A
Ketones D C D D D A
Esters D B D D D A
Ethers A A A D D A
Aldehydes D B D D D A
Alcohols A A A B A A
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons A D A A B A
Aromatic Hydrocarbons D D C A D A
Sour gas C C C B A A
Lubricants A A A A A A
Fluorinated fluids A D C D D C

A = <10% volume swelling 
B = 10-30% volume swelling 
C = 30-50% volume swelling 
D = >50% volume swelling


Tecnoflon® FFKM materials are easily processed from compound mixing, to pre-forming, molding and post-curing.

  • Easy compounding with two-roll mills, no exotic chemicals needed
  • Simple pre-forming, preferably by screw extruders
  • Short curing cycles from 150°C to 180°C (302°F to 356°F)
  • Short post-curing cycles in air circulating oven (max 24 hours)

Tecnoflon® FFKM behaves similarly to peroxide curable FKM fluoroelastomers in terms of ingredients used for compounding, processing conditions and shrinkage rates. Standard processing equipment (open mills, presses, tools and ovens) used for FKM can be used to process FFKM.