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Tecnoflon® FKM

Tecnoflon® FKM fluoroelastomers consist of copolymers and terpolymers with a fluorine content of 66% and 68-70% respectively. They are available as base polymers (gumstock) or products formulated with ionic or peroxide curable systems. 


Ionic Curable FKM 

Ionic curable FKM materials have a good balance of mechanical properties and sealing performance along with ease of processing. They are available as base polymers (gumstock) or grades formulated with incorporated cure systems (denoted by the FOR prefix in the grade name). A variety of possible combinations of viscosity, cure rate, and cross-link density make them suitable for any molding process.  The HS copolymers are designed for low post-cure cycles. Rubber-to-metal bonding grades are available for all molding techniques.

Ionic curable Tecnoflon® FKM products are categorized according to their monomer composition 

  • Copolymers are versatile polymers based on VDF and HFP monomers and have a fluorine content of 66%. 
  • Terpolymers offer better chemical resistance than copolymers due to their higher fluorine content (68-70%).
  • Low-temperature terpolymers provide chemical resistance similar to ionic curable copolymers. Polymers have a fluorine content of 65.5% and they exhibit a lower glass transition temperature (Tg).

Tecnoflon® Ionic Curable FKM Overview



Tecnoflon® FOR* Grades Selection Chart

*Ionic curable FKM products

Peroxide Curable FKM 

Peroxide curable FKM grades have the same fluorine content as ionic curable FKM products, yet offer better chemical resistance due to the curing process, making them suited for more severe end-use environments. These materials provide good flexibility at low temperatures, low post cure, optimum compression set, and good bonding to metal. Peroxide curable Tecnoflon® FKM products offer superior mold flow, excellent mold release and ease of processing via compression, extrusion, transfer or injection molding. 

Tecnoflon® peroxide-curable FKM products are available in medium and low viscosity grades and include the following: 

  • Standard peroxide curable FKM (P Series) General purpose grades with excellent chemical resistance to different media.
  • Base resistant FKMs (BR Series) Special class of peroxide curable grades designed to withstand caustic chemicals, such as concentrated sour gas found in oil & gas environments as well as aggressive engine oils, gear lubricants, transmission fluids and coolants.
  • Low-Temperature FKMs (PL Series) Same benefits as the P Series polymers along with extended low-temperature service for automotive, aerospace and oil & gas applications. 
  • Extreme Low-Temperature FKM (VPL Series) Provide outstanding low-temperature sealing properties along with excellent resistance to harsh fluids and chemicals. Broad product selection includes grades with TR10 values ranging from -30°C (-22°F) down to -45°C (-49°F). Typical applications include high-performance fuel injector O-rings and sealing components for oil field and aerospace applications.

Tecnoflon® Peroxide Curable FKM Overview



Chemical Resistance and Low-Temperature Capabilities of Peroxide Curable vs. Ionic Curable Systems