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Hylar® PVDF

Long-Life Resistance

PVDF coatings are a proven way to reduce energy usage and costs. PVDF coatings stay attractive longer than any other architectural coating because they are able to withstand environmental forces that typically attack lower quality products. They also maintain their great aesthetics and protect their substrates, making PVDF an investment that pays off year after year.

The choice of Hylar® PVDF grade depends on the end-use application. For example, Hylar® 5000S is used to produce architectural coatings for the pre-paint market and is only supplied to approved licensees while Hylar® 301S has unrestricted distribution and has a typically non-architectural end-use.

Why Hylar® PVDF?

  • Stability at temperatures up to 316°C
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Suitable for coating of metallic and fabric or fiber-reinforced laminates
  • Sustainable solutions

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Market Applications

Hylar® 5000S PVDF factory-applied coatings provide the ultimate protection for composite panels, curtain walls, extrusions, louvres, metal roofs, facades, column covers, and decorative components, in construction.

Hylar® 5000S PVDF is a key component of coatings used in metal roofing systems, formulated with special inorganic pigments by Syensqo licensees into paint systems with high levels of solar reflectance. Architectural coatings based on Hylar® 5000S are used as long-lasting finishing systems applied to metal substrates. These coatings exhibit exceptional color and gloss retention by resisting UV radiation degradation and repelling airborne pollutants, salt, wind-driven sand, and chemicals.

Hylar® 301S is a high melt viscosity PVDF grade for non-architectural coatings such as chemical processing equipment, automotive underbodies, fasteners and brake tube applications or for industries where exposure to highly corrosive chemicals and elevated temperatures is standard.

Hylar® 301S PVDF is used in industrial coatings to create cost-effective solutions ideal for aggressive environments. PVDF can adhere to both metallic and polymeric substrates while providing excellent chemical and oxidative resistance to ensure long-lasting performance.

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Product Line 

Hylar® 5000S is the ideal coating for AAMA 2605 applications. Hylar® 5000S is a PVDF base resin used in a long-life formulation for architectural coating systems of metal elements used in residential, institutional, commercial and industrial buildings. Hylar® 5000S is supplied exclusively to approved licensees.  

Hylar® 301S PVDF is a versatile engineering plastic with a balance of physical properties that qualify it for high-performance service in a wide range of applications. Hylar 301S is well suited for organic dispersion coatings formulated with acrylics for excellent performance. 

Hylar® PVDF grades are available in powder form for dispersion coatings. These coatings can be applied to a substrate, such as metal, and baked at high temperatures to produce a smooth film.

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