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Hylar® PVDF




Superior performance coatings formulated with 70% Hylar® 5000S PVDF resin provide long-life protection against the harsh effects of UV radiation, chemical and airborne pollution, severe weather, and environmental conditions such as salt spray or windborne sand.

Coating for Metal Construction

70% Hylar® 5000S PVDF factory-applied coatings provide the ultimate protection for composite panels, curtain walls, extrusions, louvers, metal roofs, facades, column covers and decorative components. Whether coil coated or sprayed, Hylar® 5000S coatings are readily applied to aluminum, aluminized steel, galvanized steel, and Galvalume. Hylar® 5000S PVDF coatings can be formulated into a rainbow of colors and finishes to glorify the palette of every architectural designer. 

Coating for Cool Metal Roofs

Hylar® 5000S PVDF is a key component of coatings used in metal roofing systems, formulated with special inorganic pigments by Syensqo licensees into paint systems that have high solar reflectance. Cooling requirements can be dramatically reduced, leading to up to 40% lower utility costs and possible equipment cost savings due to reduced cooling capacity. Lower electricity consumption results in reduced emissions and improved environmental conditions. 



Hylar® 301S is a high melt viscosity PVDF grade for non-architectural coatings such as chemical processing equipment, automotive underbody, fasteners and brake tube applications or for industries where exposure to highly corrosive chemicals and elevated temperatures is standard.