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Kalix® HPPA


Strength, aesthetics and improved processing


Smart Devices

Kalix® HPPA offers an optimal combination of stiffness and ductility that facilitates complex parts for electronic devices which require extremely high strength, outstanding impact resistance and high-quality surface finishes. Kalix® HPPA also shows low moisture absorption and retains high dimensional stability and flatness even after long term usage, which makes it an ideal structural material for precision electronics components. This impressive blend of unique characteristics meets and exceeds the performance demands of structural and cosmetic frames for smartphones, as well as enables improved design flexibility for OEMs during processing. 



Medical Equipment

Kalix® HPPA is also used for mobile healthcare electronic devices by delivering exceptional strength, stiffness, and significantly improved chemical resistance versus traditional polycarbonate (PC) or PC/acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) materials typically used for covers and housings for mHealth electronic devices. It also meets performance acceptance criteria for retention of impact strength, tensile strength and color after repeated exposure to Metrex disinfectants.