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Smart Devices

Specialty Polymers for Smart Device Applications

Syensqo is the industry leader in specialty polymers for smart devices and our one-of-a-kind portfolio helps OEMs innovate within this ever-evolving market with reliable, high performance solutions. OEMs continue to face significantly complex design challenges based on consumer and market demands, such as providing functionality within smaller modules, a capacity for high speed data transmission and an array of casing materials for structural applications. In addition to these challenges, next-generation devices require high performance components with good mechanical properties, exceptional chemical resistance, improved durability, and unrivaled surface aesthetics.


Syensqo’s extensive range of specialty polymers, resins and fluoropolymers employs a myriad of advantageous properties for structural parts of smartphones and wearables, including high stiffness, low warpage, superb surface finish and an ideal combination of lightweighting, durability and performance. Additionally, these outstanding materials provide cost-efficient alternatives to traditionally used metals while supporting improved radio frequency (RF) transparency and chemical resistance. This extensive portfolio of materials for smart devices is primarily composed of specialty polymers ideal for structural crystalline materials, robust ultrapolymers and chemically resistant fluoropolymers


Syensqo’s high performance polymers provide outstanding stiffness and impact properties for numerous parts in and throughout today’s most advanced smartphones. The extensive range of specialty materials that make up our broad portfolio is utilized in an array of specialty  smartphone components, including structural frames, antenna splits and hinges, brackets for foldable, sliding structure.


Our comprehensive portfolio of specialty polymers for wearable devices is intricately implemented throughout several mechanisms in today’s innovative smartwatches and wearables. These materials facilitate the production of high performance, durable and comfortable solutions, including high-quality brackets and housings, antenna splits, and watch bands.  

Our wide range of specialty polymers, resins and fluoropolymers provides OEMs with an innovative portfolio to deliver unrivaled experience and performance in today’s market. Smartphones and wearables manufactured with Syensqo specialty polymer-based elements display high chemical, weather and stain resistance, outstanding impact and tensile strength, an aesthetically pleasing surface finish and cost-effective processing. 


Outstanding Strength and Ease of Processing for Structural Materials

As smartphones and wearables continue to transition into a realm of everyday usage and practicality, OEMs must deliver a unique combination of luxurious capabilities, pleasurable aesthetics and high-performance structural integrity with cost effective and simplified processing methods. Accordingly, Syensqo’s advanced materials offer OEMs tremendous ease of processing for today’s smart devices. Specifically, our specialty polymers are equipped with excellent coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) and low flash to make post production processes significantly more efficient. Syensqo experts provide guidance on our smart devices portfolio to help designers and manufacturers select the best combination of grades for each particular design process, including molding, plating, welding and more.   

Additionally, structural materials utilized in the components and cosmetic frames of smartphones and wearables must be able to endure significant exposure, such as wear and tear, weather and impact. Syensqos high-quality specialty polymers for smart devices offer tremendous stiffness and impact properties, superior flow and flatness, improved RF transparency for better data transmission, physical vapor deposition (PVD) compatibility and high gloss capabilities. Specifically, Ixef® PARA (polyarylamide) provides a unique combination of strength and aesthetics, and is extremely well-suited for colorable, high-strength applications with excellent surface finish requirements. 

Kalix® HPPA (high performance polyarylamide), Amodel ®PPA (polyphthalamide), Ryton® PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) provide OEMs with material solutions for an array of structural applications in smartphones and wearables, such as cosmetic frames, antenna split, plastic-metal hybrid materials, housings, electronic component module brackets and more.  

Ixef® PARA, Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS are also available in Long Fiber Thermoplastic Xencor™ grades, ideal for injection molded fiber components with an unparalleled combination of performances, such as strength, dimensional stability and wear resistance. LFT materials enable ease of processing for manufacturers by reducing tool usage and facilitating aesthetically sophisticated shapes without the need of post-processing.

AvaSpire® PAEK, KetaSpire® PEEK and Torlon® PAI (polyamide-imide) provide OEMs with boundless innovation, good RF transparency and mechanical properties like toughness and resistance to fatigue, creep and wear, chemical, make them ideal for a wide range of smart device applications. These UltraPolymers are utilized in colorable structural and cosmetic frames, hinges for foldable devices, flex brackets, nano molding technology-based (NMT) components and more. 


Specialty Fluoropolymers With Sophisticated Haptics and Excellent Strength

Today’s materials used in specialty applications and haptics must facilitate an impressive user experience and high performance during processing methods and throughout daily use. Syensqo’s fluoropolymers provide these special applications with outstanding chemical resistance, UV resistance, high temperature tolerance and low coefficient of friction (CoF) for reduced wear. Syensqo’s Tecnoflon® FKM (fluoroelastomer) provides sophisticated haptics, an extremely wide temperature tolerance and significant elastomer strength in wearable technologies. With an ultra-comfortable, soft-to-the-touch feel, improved sweat and stain resistance, tear resistance and easy colorability, Tecnoflon® FKM serves as the choice material for high-quality watch band manufacturers.    


Ductile and Chemically Resistant Sulfone Resins

OEMs need extremely ductile materials to maintain toughness throughout demanding processing conditions and to accommodate flexible components found in smartphones and wearables. Syensqo’s ductile and chemically resistant sulfone resins provide an array of cost-to-performance material selections for rigid structural components. Udel® PSU (polysulfone), Veradel® PESU (polyethersulfone) and Radel® PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) are ideal materials for smart devices components that require high impact strength and ductility for anodizing resistance and long-term durability. Additionally, these outstanding sulfone resins deliver an exceptional combination of chemical resistance, mechanical properties and RF transparency for the most advanced devices on the market.