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MAX HT® Sodalite Scale Inhibitor

The original sodalite scale inhibitor for the Bayer Process

MAX HT® sodalite scale inhibitor is an innovative alumina processing aid designed to prevent the formation of sodalite that can commonly accumulate during the Bayer Process. By delivering outstanding performance and eliminating scale at the source, MAX HT® reduces energy and freshwater consumption, improving the sustainability profile of alumina processing. MAX HT® sodalite scale inhibitor is recognized as a Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solution, acknowledging Syensqos dedication to protecting the environment while contributing to profitable processes. 

How MAX HT® Works 

Historically, sodalite scale was addressed after it formed, through costly and inefficient processes. By the time refineries treated scale, their performance was already in decline, resulting in reduced heat transfer efficiency, lower throughput and increased energy consumption. 

MAX HT® proactively combats sodalite scale before it becomes problematic. The sodalite scale inhibitor is injected into the liquor that feeds the evaporators or digester heaters. It attaches to embryos or “micronuclei”and prevents them from growing into “nuclei,” which essentially reverses the precipitation process. By inhibiting sodalite scale, refinery equipment works more efficiently, minimizing scaling and maximizing heat transfer, thereby optimizing energy consumption and reducing emissions throughout the alumina production process.  

Key Benefits of MAX HT® Sodalite Scale Inhibitor

  • Offers combined sustainability and profitability benefits in one high-performing solution
  • Contributes to significant cost savings by maintaining high efficiency in heat exchangers and delivering energy savings of 0.1-0.5 tons steam and 0.25-1.25 million BTU per ton of alumina
  • Reduces fixed and variable costs via less frequent downtime for heater cleaning by lowering the number of acid cleanings from 20 to 50 to less than 10 per year
  • Improves process stability and reduces environmental impact by eliminating up to 90 kg of CO2 per ton of alumina
  • Offers an improved worker safety profile by limiting the need for acid cleaning and reducing acid waste by about 1500-4500 tons of 5% acid per year

The Innovation of MAX HT® Formulations

Syensqo has years of experience in the development of scale inhibitors in the alumina processing industry. With this extensive expertise in scale inhibition, our scientists have been able to tailor products to meet the needs of markets around the world. For example, our experts developed a specific line of MAX HT® for the unique liquor used in Chinese alumina refineries. Today, all the major Chinese alumina refining groups are benefiting from Solay’s scale inhibiting technology, resulting in significant economic value and environmental benefits. Additionally, we continue to work on scale inhibition solutions for single stream refineries to improve sustainability efforts and optimize more alumina refining  operations around the world.