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Alumina Processing

Reagent-Based Solutions for Alumina Processing

As demand for alumina increases across the globe, refineries face growing pressure to improve efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. Syensqo has helped many of the largest operations worldwide reach their potential for more than 50 years. We leverage breakthrough innovations, formulation expertise, application knowledge, modeling capabilities, and on-site technical support to help customers maximize productivity and reduce energy consumption, with help from our full suite of alumina processing reagents for the Bayer Process.

Our Solutions for Alumina Processing

The Broadest Portfolio for the Bayer Process 

Syensqo's portfolio of reagents addresses challenges at every stage of the Bayer process. Recognizable brands include MAX HT® sodalite scale inhibitor, CYFLOC® red mud flocculants, CYBREAK® foam control solutions and CYQUEST® crystal growth modifiers, among others. We also offer our digital Mining Chemicals Handbook to help customers access our insights and technical recommendations.

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