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Solvay launches two new biosurfactants

Mirasoft® SL range

100% bio-based yeast-fermented glycolipids surfactants for skin, hair and scalp wellness

Natural fermented beauty for healthy skin and scalp

As concern rises among consumers that too much cleansing and sanitizing can damage the skin barrier, they are paying more attention to the health of their skin, hair and scalp. Therefore, safe cosmetic products with proven effectiveness against specific skin & scalp conditions are of growing interest to them.  Syensqo’s Mirasoft® SL sophorolipids are multi-functional 100% natural and biodegradable surfactants produced by fermentation, delivering skin, hair and scalp health benefits, on top of their surfactant properties.   

Mirasoft® SLs provide hair and body care formulators with a range of nature-derived biosurfactants that meet the desire of consumers to care for themselves and live more sustainably. 


Biosurfactants: a step-change in the eco-design of beauty care formulations

Today, many surfactants are fossil-based or connected to tropical oils like palm or coconut. Synthetically produced surfactants can also create sensitizing and safety issues for the consumer linked to problematic impurities resulting from the synthesis pathway (e.g. dioxane, sultones, fatty amines…).

Our biosurfactants are produced by fermentation using noticeably non-GMO rapeseed oil, a natural feedstock that is accessible in the region where they are produced and sold. The Mirasoft® sophorolipids range has an outstanding eco profile as it’s 100% biobased and readily biodegradable. It’s also characterized by a low net carbon footprint. This also means it fully aligns with our commitment to sustainability and to creating a circular, regenerative economy. Overall, it promotes a zero-compromise beauty: 

  1. 100% natural origin content
  2. Green fermentation process
  3. Low Net CO2 footprint
  4. Biodegradable by design
  5. Palm-free
  6. Microbiome-friendly certified

Fermentation of natural nutrients by natural yeast

Biosurfactants exist in nature but at very small levels. Therefore, we have worked at developing fermentation processes to maximize the output and enable the production of large-scale biosurfactants that can be cost-effective enough to be used in mainstream cosmetic products. 

Mirasoft® SL are biosurfactants produced by fermentation of natural nutrients by natural yeast-02-02


Glycolipid biosurfactants for skin, hair and scalp wellness

The Mirasoft® SL series offers 2 variants, a lactonic-rich biosurfactant, Mirasoft® SL L60, and an acidic-rich biosurfactant, Mirasoft® SL A60.  Both are highly active (55 – 65%) and share the same INCI nomenclature, glycolipids. 

Mirasoft® SL L60


Mirasoft® SL L60 -- lactonic-rich biosurfactant
  • It is a natural ingredient.
  • It features the highest lactonic percentage among market products thanks to a unique process which in return, provides higher efficacy to improve skin and scalp condition.

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Mirasoft® SL A60


Mirasoft® SL A60 - acidic-rich  biosurfactant
  • It’s a naturally-derived ingredient: the downstream process involves a hydrolysis step.
  • It features a high acidic percentage (>80%).

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From the literature data, the lactonic-rich form, Mirasoft® SL L60, is expected to be the variant with the highest efficacy with respect to improving skin and scalp conditions (inhibition of bad microorganisms, sebum regulation…). Investigations on these aspects are currently ongoing. 

Mirasoft® SLs can be used in a broad range of applications: facial cleanser, micellar water, scalp treatment, deodorant, hand soap, body wash, shampoo, and wet wipes applications. While Mirasoft® SL A60 targets normal and sensitive skin and scalp, it is expected that Mirasoft® SL L60 is also suitable for acne-prone skin, oily skin and scalp and dandruff scalp.

Very mild to the skin and microbiome-friendly certified

Microbiome-friendly certification by MyMicrobiome

Mirasoft® SLs are not just surfactants; they also provide skin, hair and scalp health benefits. Indeed, on top of delivering excellent cleansing, solubilization and emulsification properties, they successfully passed the test procedure according to the MyMicrobiome Standard and now carry the "Microbiome-friendly" seal of quality, making them skin-friendly ingredients that help preserve and improve skin and scalp conditions:

  1. Help protect and improve skin/scalp conditions
  2. They are microbiome-friendly certified
  3. Participate in the inhibition of microorganisms responsible for some skin and scalp disorders*
  4. Regulate sebum*
  5. Control malodor*

* Literature data. Data generation is ongoing on Mirasoft® SL grades. 

In-vitro assessment of the skin irritation potential

Mirasoft® SLs - in-vitro assessment of the skin irritation potential

Determination of the time at which the material causes a 50% reduction in tissue viability (ET50). EpiDerm(TM) Skin Model EPI-200. Topical application. Tested concentration: 0.3% active for all tested surfactants. pH 4.7.


Effective makeup removal with super-smooth skin feel

Mirasoft® SLs have an excellent makeup removal ability and leave a smooth, non-draggy, non-sticky feel upon drying.

Waterproof super active foundation removal testing 

Mirasoft® SLs - waterproof super active foundation removal test

Effective EO-free solubilizers of fragrance oils

While being 100% nature-derived, Mirasoft® SLs are better solubilizers than the most widely used ethoxylated solubilizers: 

  • Mirasoft® SL A60: up to 2 times more effective 
  • Mirasoft® SL L60: up to 4 times more effective

Amount of surfactant [% active] required to solubilize 1% of essential oil

Mirasoft® SLs - Amount of surfactant [% active] required to solubilize 1% of essential oil

Formulation concepts with Mirasoft® SL series

Mirasoft® SL series enable the formulation of cosmetic products tapping into natural beauty, skin health, mental well-being and self-care trends. Contact your Syensqo sales representative for more information about these formulations.

Ultra-Gentle Natural Foaming Facial Wash

Ultra-Gentle Natural Foaming Facial Wash

Emphasizes the great cleansing efficacy of Mirasoft® SL A60 and its skin gentleness. The formula addresses the following market trends:

  • Skin health
  • Natural beauty

Zero-Compromise Micellar Water

Zero Compromise Micellar Water

Emphasizes the outstanding cleansing efficacy of Mirasoft® SL L60, its skin gentleness and its ability to provide a moisturized skin feel after drying. The formula addresses the following market trends:

  • Skin health
  • Natural beauty

Natural Relaxing Shower Mist 

Natural Relaxing Shower Mist

Emphasizes the outstanding solubilization properties of Mirasoft® SL L60. The formula addresses the following market trends:

  • Mental well-being
  • Self-care
  • Natural beauty