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Syensqo in the Hair Care Industry

With over 40 years of experience developing high-quality solutions for hair care products, Syensqo offers sustainable, effective and versatile ingredients to formulators in order to develop the most innovative hair care products on the market.

Today’s consumers are searching for customized hair products made with naturally derived, high-quality ingredients that deliver outstanding results. Partnering with Syensqo provides hair care developers with numerous COSMOS verified natural ingredients that offer best-in-class performance in products that cleanse, condition and protect consumers’ hair.

Syensqo offers an expansive portfolio of multi-purpose materials to meet key customer needs with salon-tested hair care solutions that offer new sensory experiences, sustainable hair conditioning polymers, silicone-alternatives, hair repair technology and more for the most specialized hair care products on the market.

“Syensqo is your preferred partner for safe, natural origin and eco-conscious solutions addressing the diversity of consumers needs for a sustainable hair beauty.” 

Eric Leroy, Global Marketing Innovation Director, Home & Personal Care at Syensqo

Syensqo's Advanced Hair Care Products

With increasingly advanced technologies and more innovative solutions, consumers demand top quality hair care products made with naturally derived and gentle ingredients. In response to these needs, Syensqo supplies hair care formulators with conditioning guar polymers, hair repair actives, mild surfactants, emollients and solubilizers that facilitate effective, safe and eco-friendly hair care formulations.

Syensqo's naturally derived, versatile ingredients for advanced hair care products are compatible and effective in shampoos, rinses, conditioners, masks, pre-washes, serums, oils, leave-in treatments and baby formulations.

Syensqo's Commitment to Sustainability

At Syensqo, we combine our dedication to engineering the most advanced hair care solutions with a passion for creating sustainable materials for natural hair care products. Our range of guar polymers are bio-based and naturally derived from guar seeds that are sustainably sourced in India through Syensqo's Sustainable Guar Initiative program. We are proud to partner with guar farmers and empower them with tools and knowledge to encourage sustainable farming practices that result in more continuous, high-yield production.

As our scientists are dedicated to creating only the highest-quality ingredients for hair care products, Syensqo develops sustainable materials in EFfCI and RSPO Mass Balance certified manufacturing sites. Additionally, Syensqo strives to satisfy Green Chemistry principles to reduce the generation of hazardous substances and continues to develop over 200 ingredients that meet ISO 16128 guidelines for natural and organic materials. Syensqo stands out as a developer of safe, sustainable personal care ingredients with our proprietary Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) tool, which we use to assess all of our innovation products as we create solutions for the sustainability challenges faced by today’s hair care formulators.

Syensqo's Unmatched Innovation

Syensqo's Hair Care Research and Innovation team is a global network of chemical experts spread across the world, with our global competence center located in France and regional hubs in Brazil, Singapore and the United States. Our team is determined to continually innovate and develop unique molecules such as guar derivatives, proteins, complex polymer structures, esters, surfactants, emollients, oleo derivatives and more for implementation in high-performance hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums and sprays. Syensqo prioritizes partnerships with professional hairdressers and hair salons where we work with our customers to create their ideal formulations. Our team innovates winning personal care solutions alongside formulators to accelerate product development cycles and stay at the forefront of hair care market trends.

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