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Skin Cleansing

Syensqo in the Skin Cleansing Industry

Syensqo combines strong formulation expertise in the design of all possible types of skin cleansers with the industry’s broadest and most versatile portfolio of innovative ingredients to help customers create products that enhance the well-being of consumers. Our high-performing formulations cover a broad range of skin cleansing products – from facial cleansers to body washes to micellar water and DIY cleansers.

Today’s consumers want high-performance products adapted for their skin type, needs and sensitivities. Formulators partnering with Syensqo can tap into our extensive array of natural, naturally-derived, safe and sustainable ingredients to deliver best-in-class multi-sensory, multi-functional in skin products with substantiated claims around cleanliness, mildness, moisturization or specific textures.


Syensqo is your preferred partner for safe, natural origin and eco-conscious solutions addressing the diversity of consumer needs for sustainable and healthy Skin and Beauty Care products.”

Caroline Mabille, Global Marketing Manager, Skin Cleansing at Syensqo

Syensqo's Advanced Skin Cleansing Products

Our ingredients and technologies go from mild cleansing surfactants, natural rheology modifiers, anionic and amphoteric surfactants, cationic polymers, glycolipids, and some performance concentrates. These naturally derived, versatile ingredients can be used for body washes, makeup-removal lotions, liquid hand soaps, hand sanitizers, baby formulations and many other cleansing products.

Syensqo's Commitment to Sustainability

Throughout our history, Syensqo has continuously and successfully transformed to take on new challenges, and always with a view on securing the best possible future for our people, businesses, the planet and society at large.

Supported by scientists dedicated to creating only the highest-quality ingredients for face and body products, Syensqo develops sustainable materials at manufacturing sites that have been Mass Balance (MB) certified by the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). We also offer a wide range of Natural and Organic Certification for Cosmetics (COSMOS) certified products.

In addition to following Green Chemistry principles to reduce the generation of hazardous substances, we apply a proprietary Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) system to ensure the personal care ingredients we develop are deemed as safe and sustainable. Our SPM tool assesses all of our innovation products from both a sustainability and economical perspective.

Our sustainable approach is driven by strong beliefs and is focused on today’s challenges, all with the main objectives of building partnerships with customers, saving natural resources, protecting biodiversity, reducing carbon footprint, sharing value and fostering consumer well-being.


Syensqo's Unmatched Innovation

Syensqo's Skin Cleansing Research and Innovation (R&I) team operates as a global network of chemical experts from around the world, with a global competency center located in Bristol (USA) and regional hubs in Brazil, China, France and India. Our team is determined to continue innovating and developing unique molecules, such as surfactants, biosurfactants, guar derivatives, novel polymer structures from biotechnology, esters, emollients, and other oleo derivatives and more. We innovate alongside formulators to create winning skin cleansing solutions with accelerated product development cycles and a position at the forefront of beauty cleansing market trends.