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Rhovanil Natural Solvay Natural Vanillin
Rhovanil® Natural


Lead the Journey to Naturalness with the Most-Advanced Natural Vanillin

From Vanilla to Natural Vanillin

Today, vanilla bean production only covers 1% of the global demand for vanillin, so manufacturers have no choice but to use industrially-produced vanilla extract substitutes. But consumers are demanding natural ingredients and healthier products, and the food industry has to meet their expectations. Replacing artificial vanillin with a natural vanilla extract substitute is becoming a key competitive advantage. 

One of the most intensely studied and beneficial processes to obtain vanillin is the bioconversion of ferulic acid, a by-product of rice bran oil which naturally occurs in the cell walls of plants such as rice or maize. As a precursor, ferulic acid is a ubiquitous and readily available substance that shares high structural similarity to vanillin and can be naturally released by a combination of physical and enzymatic processes which fully meet EU and US natural flavor regulations.


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Switch to the Most Advanced Natural Vanillin 


Rhovanil® Natural offers a high-intensity natural vanilla flavor and typical vanillin notes for a better taste experience in a wide variety of applications. The optimization of the industrial process enables a reduction in production costs and an increase in competitiveness while still ensuring a natural product. An approved solution used by leading food companies for the production of confectionery, bakery, beverages, pastry, ice cream, and dairy products.

High Naturalness

  • Clean label, natural flavor suitable
  • Non-GMO, non-GMM vanillin
  • Natural ingredients, raw material
  • Bio-fermented

High Sensoriality

  • Powerful organoleptic profile
  • Crystal White ingredient
  • Stable, sweet, and creamy vanillin flavor

High Compliance

  • EU and US labeling of "natural flavor" for consumer-end products, the result of a unique fermentation process from natural raw materials
  • Halal, Kosher, Vegan, Allergen-free profile