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Flat lay composition with protein bars on color background

Meeting Nutrition Taste Challenges with Natural Vanillin

How can natural vanillin meet Nutrition Products Taste Challenges?

The flourishing nutrition market continues to attract consumers seeking additional values for a more complete nutritional experience. Consumer demand for high-protein nutrition creates a significant taste challenge for manufacturers. The ability to effectively mask inherent ingredient off-notes and bitterness is key to create a strong competitive advantage. When considered together with consumer desire for natural ingredients and clean labels, formulators face a significant technical challenge. 

What’s inside? In this white paper, discover how natural vanillin is a key ingredient to mask off-notes and bitterness in plant and animal protein-based products. You will also learn how Rhovanil® Natural meets the highest standards for purity and taste, while guaranteeing clean labeling in accordance with EU and US natural flavoring substance regulations. 

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