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Non-GMO antioxidants & natural flavors range based on rosemary extracts 

Riza: Answering consumers’ need for natural food preservatives 

Riza is a range of non-GMO natural antioxidants and flavors based on rosemary extracts and rosemary extract blends. The product family is designed to replace chemical food additives, addressing consumer demand for more natural ingredients and clean label products. 

Syensqo’s Riza portfolio can be used in various applications such as meat, bakery foodstuffs, instant meals, oil- and fat-based food products, as well as pet foods or feed ingredients (e.g., for swine, poultry, fish), taking into account these categories’ specific challenges


Enhancing shelf life and preserving food product performance

The Riza natural antioxidants and flavors range enables food manufacturers to protect food from oxidation and rancidity thanks to the carnosic acid content present in wild rosemary leaves. 

Riza preserves a product’s taste, color and flavor over time. For instance, it safeguards the natural red color of meat, thereby extending the product’s shelf life and avoiding food waste.

Moreover, Riza is available in grades free of odors or perceptible taste, supporting sensitive applications like pet food or feed where such attributes are of the utmost importance.

Riza_Plant-based preservatives and flavors range based on rosemary extract_Syensqo

Riza is a 100% non-GMO range of natural antioxidants and flavors 

Riza is 100% natural and, therefore, supports product clean labelling. The antioxidants and flavors range is based on extracts and extract blends of non-GMO wild rosemary harvested in the fertile Atlas mountains of Morocco. Riza range does not contain pesticides, is devoid of heavy metals, and does not require water for harvesting. This combination of factors combined with Syensqo’s extraction expertise is key to guaranteeing Riza’s superior quality.  


Versatile natural antioxidants solutions tailored to your application needs

Riza range is available in both powder and liquid forms to meet the needs of your applications. Our extensive experience in sourcing, processing, analytics, and providing technical and applications support ensures consistent and dependable outcomes. Additionally, we provide tailored solutions based on your unique requirements, such as specific product grades with varying carnosic acid dosages for instance. 

A change in consumer behaviour toward food preservatives

Rising consumer demand for Natural food preservatives

Consumer attitudes toward synthetic food preservatives and additives have become increasingly cautious, influenced by growing awareness of health and wellness, environmental concerns, and a preference for clean label products. 

Many consumers are associating additives  with potential health risks, including allergies, digestive issues, and possibly long-term diseases. 

Manufacturers are now reformulating their products

In response to behavioural changes among consumers, many food manufacturers are reformulating products to reduce or eliminate artificial preservatives, highlighting the use of natural preservation methods, and improving transparency and traceability about their ingredients. The Riza 100% non-GMO range of natural antioxidants and flavors is crafted to substitute chemical food additives, offering support in this regard.