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Syensqo products for Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Ingredients

Advancing Healthier Choices in Food and Beverages 

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in consumer preferences towards healthier and more natural food & beverage products. This transition presents unique challenges for Food & Beverages manufacturers and formulators, as they must adapt to newer, more complex consumer profiles and the incumbent technical challenges to combine taste and performance.

The growing awareness among consumers about health and wellness is currently transforming the Food and Beverage sector, catalyzing key trends such as clean labeling, a surge in plant-based alternatives, higher protein content, and reduced sugar levels. Additionally, this shift is accelerating the move towards natural ingredients, as more consumers seek out products with ingredients they recognize and trust.

These trends generate a variety of technical challenges in masking off notes, as well as upholding performance and taste despite the reduced sugar. Syensqo’s range of food and beverage ingredients is strategically contrived to provoke innovation and help overcome these hurdles.

A Hearty Portfolio of Food and Beverage Ingredients

Chocolate bar pieces

Syensqo’s broad portfolio of innovative food ingredients and flavors solutions including our selection of unique vanillin, natural vanillin, natural antioxidants and natural flavors solutions based on rosemary extracts are designed to help the industry provide consumers with more natural, sustainable and desirable foods. Syensqo sets the industry standard with products that excel in purity, traceability and compliance with stringent food regulations. Our commitment to these principles is central to providing customers with high-quality, safe and reliable ingredients for their diverse food and beverage needs.

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