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Torlon® PAI

Superior Strength and Wear Resistance for Extreme Conditions

Torlon® polyamide-imide (PAI) is the highest performing, melt-processable thermoplastic. The amorphous polymer has exceptional resistance to wear, creep and chemicals and performs well under severe service conditions up to 260°C (500°F). Torlon® PAI also has superior electrical and structural characteristics at high temperatures, an extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, and exceptional dimensional stability. Typical applications include non-lubricating bearings, seals, valves, compressors, and piston parts, bearing cages, bushings, and thrust washers.

Why Torlon® PAI?

  • Unsurpassed wear resistance in dry and lubricated environments
  • Maintains strength and stiffness up to 260°C (500°F)  
  • Very low-temperature toughness and impact strength
  • Excellent resistance to wear and creep under load
  • Resistant to most chemicals, including strong acids and most organics 
  • Excellent compressive strength and extremely low CLTE
  • Low flammability and smoke generation

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Market Applications

Parts made from Torlon® PAI polymers perform under conditions generally considered too severe for thermoplastics. Typical applications include aircraft hardware and fasteners, automotive transmission and powertrain components, and oil & gas exploration and recovery equipment. The material’s excellent electrical insulating properties have made it a common choice for semiconductor fabrication and testing as well as electrical and electronic components.

Amide-imide (AI) powders are widely used in high-performance, non-stick, and corrosion-resistant coatings for a variety of other demanding industrial uses. 

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Torlon® PAI Product Line

Torlon® PAI products fall into two main categories: wear-resistant grades and high strength grades. Extrusion and compression molding are used to produce stock shapes for machining and low-volume production. Amide-imide (AI) powders are also available.

Wear-resistant grades offer tailored combinations of mechanical and tribological properties, along with excellent chemical resistance and high thermal stability. This accounts for Torlon® PAI’s broad acceptance in replacing metal over a wide range of temperature and PV conditions, even when lubrication is marginal or non-existent.

High-strength grades exhibit metal-like performance at elevated temperature and are routinely specified for precision components used in repetitive-use, load-bearing operations. Glass-fiber and carbon-fiber-filled grades retain their strength and stiffness at high temperature, with the added benefit of low creep and excellent fatigue resistance.

Amide-imide (AI) powders are used to manufacture high-temperature adhesives, non-stick coating primers, composite matrices, coatings and films.


Wear Resistance Grades High Strength Grades 
4301General purpose wear resistance4203L*Unfilled, highest impact strength, good electrical properties
4275Good wear resistance at high velocities503030% glass fiber, high strength and rigidity, very low creep
4630Excellent wear resistance in dry environments713030% carbon fiber, highest stiffness, best fatigue resistance, electrically conductive
4435Good wear resistance at high velocities and high pressures  
4645Excellent wear resistance in lubricated environments  

*4203 has equivalent properties to 4203L


Comparison of Torlon® PAI polymers