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Aerospace components have to be stable in both hot and cold environments, withstand high pressures, resist corrosion, and stand up to friction, wear and impact. Torlon® PAI is one of the very few materials that meets all of these requirements. 

Non-corrosive clip nuts made from Torlon® PAI are a type of aerospace fastener that allows manufacturers to quickly and easily mount parts and material. Lightweight, non-metallic clip nuts lighten the load for better fuel efficiency and provide exceptional value since they eliminate the need for tooling and labor costs that are inherent with riveting, clinching, or staking. Torlon® PAI enables shrouds for the Boeing 737 engines to retain mechanical properties at high temperatures, resist deformation, and reduce noise and vibration. Other applications include thermal isolators, sector gears, bushings, and screws.




Torlon® PAI is the highest performing thermoplastic on the market, and its unique physical properties make it a natural choice for the automotive industry. It is widely used to replace metal in transmission components where there are high levels of heat, pressure and friction.

Hydraulic seal rings made from Torlon® PAI for clutch actuation retain mechanical performance at 150°C (302°F), prevent leaking due to the material’s conformability, exhibit outstanding dimensional stability, and provide ease of installation thanks to the material’s high elongation for flexibility. Axial thrust bearings made from this durable thermoplastic offer long-lasting wear resistance in lubricated environments up to 1.5M PV, high impact and compressive strength, and are non-seizing compared to metal. Check balls for automotive transmissions are lightweight for quicker response vs. metal, prevent leaking, and reduce noise.



Oil & Gas

Global energy demands continue to increase, prompting oil companies to move toward deeper drilling and deep water offshore reserves. These areas involve high pressures, high temperatures, abrasive fluids, saltwater, and other conditions that destroy most metals and challenge many plastics. Torlon® PAI thrives in extreme environments and is the right material to choose when the job is critical. Typical applications include seals and back-up seal rings, down-hole guides, labyrinth seals, bearings and bushings.




Torlon® PAI is used extensively throughout the semiconductor industry, especially where high-temperature processing is required. Components are dimensionally stable at high and low temperatures, provide clean and contaminant-free surfaces, and are not affected by harsh chemicals, strong acids, or solvents. Typical applications include parts for wafer handling, bearing surfaces, parts carriers and IC test equipment sockets & handlers.


Electrical & Electronics

Torlon® PAI is commonly used for electrical connectors and insulators due to its high dielectric strength, electrical insulation, and outstanding impact strength. Its excellent electrical properties make it ideal for high-performance parts such as connectors, switches, and relays.