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Cylinderized, Pure Phosphine For Effective and Flexible Fumigation

VAPORPH3OS® phosphine fumigant is a cylinderized source of pure phosphine that enables timely, cost-effective fumigation of post-harvest products and storage structures. It is designed for use in conjunction with Syensqo-approved blending equipment capable of diluting the phosphine concentration to below its lower flammability limit of 1.8% (vol.). On-site blending with the surrounding air as a dilution gas can achieve this result, making it an attractive option when frequent fumigation is required. Meanwhile the portability of the blending equipment gives the fumigator usage flexibility at multiple sites. VAPORPH3OS® is dispensed external to storage or structures using simple techniques that avoid applicator exposure, eliminate confined space entry and remove the need for spent fumigant disposal. 


How Does VAPORPH3OS® Work?

VAPORPH3OS® is mixed with the surrounding air using a system such as the Horn Diluphos System® (HDS). Manufactured by Fosfoquim S.A, the HDS is an automated unit that enables the direct phosphine-air mixture to be injected directly to the fumigation space or existing recirculation systems. The fumigator can precisely adjust and maintain phosphine concentrations during each fumigation, providing a cost-effective solution and obtaining an effective fumigation in accordance with the label. 

Operators essentially "dial-in" the prescribed quantity of phosphine and can easily introduce additional fumigant if required. Proper dosing and monitoring are critical components of successful fumigations.

Key Benefits

Advantages of VAPORPH3OS® fumigant gas compared to traditional fumigants include:


  • Eliminates spontaneous flammability associated with metal phosphides, avoiding fires within the fumigated space
  • Nonreactive with moisture or water

  • Required concentration levels achieved in minutes or hours, not days
  • Only approved phosphine fumigant for 24-hour exposure time in some applications

  • Easily vary concentration levels and exposure periods as prescribed by the label, ensuring elimination of all insect stages

  • Dispensed directly into sealed storage or structure from the outside, eliminating confined space entry scenarios

  • Yields no waste byproducts or dust residue, eliminating the cost and environmental concerns of spent fumigant disposal

  •  Not listed as contributing to ozone depletion under the Montreal Protocol


  • Bins and silos
  • Warehouses
  • Tarps and bunkers
  • Railcars, ship-holds, sea containers and trailers
  • Mills and food processing plants
  • No storage size limitations


Items Protected

  • Seed, wheat, corn, rice and other grains
  • Nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, cocoa and coffee beans
  • Flour and other processed foods
  • Animal feed and feed ingredients
  • Tobacco and other non-food items


Pests Eliminated

  • Weevils (Rice, Granary)
  • Indian Meal Moth
  • Lesser Grain Borer
  • Grain Beetles (Rusty, Saw-Toothed, Merchant)
  • Flour Beetles (Red, Confused)
  • Cigarette Beetle
  • Warehouse Moth
  • Warehouse Beetle

*Applications, pests, and storages will vary by country and label protocol

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