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Phosphine Gas Fumigants Protect Your Commodities When Time and Efficacy Matter

Insects and pests can eat away at stored commodities. Many fumigators today rely on pesticide sprays or tablets, such as magnesium phosphide, aluminum phosphide and methyl bromide. Although effective, these products can pose safety, environmental and performance challenges, resulting in higher treatment costs and posing regulatory hurdles. Syensqo's cylinderized phosphine gas fumigants offer an alternative treatment option that addresses limitations posed by other offerings on the market.

Syensqo has more than 20 years of experience in the development of cylinderized phosphine gas fumigants for stored product pest management. By leveraging our technology and expertise, we help fumigators around the world convert from traditional fumigants to cylinderized phosphine. 


Two Types of Phosphine Gas Fumigants

We offer two types of phosphine gas fumigants for injection into agricultural commodity storage areas (silos, bins and containers) to effectively control all stages of insects when used in accordance with the label:

  1. ECO2FUME® – ready-to-use, nonflammable phosphine gas mixture
  2. VAPORPH3OS® – pure phosphine designed for use with a blending system, such as the Horn Diluphos System (HDS), to form a ready-to-use mixture


Fumigation Concentration and Control

Compared to aluminum phosphide and magnesium phosphide, our products allow the user to precisely “top off” phosphine concentrations ensuring fumigation concentration is held for the prescribed time and the highest efficacy possible. Fumigant control is performed from the outside of a structure, thereby limiting worker exposure to fumigant. Furthermore, Syensqo's fumigants do not generate byproducts, eliminating the cost and difficulty to dispose of process wastes.

Syensqo's phosphine fumigant gases are EPA-approved for use with a variety of foods and non-foods. They can be applied to eradicate an array of potentially harmful insects and pests in ware­houses of all sizes, railcars, ship-holds, sea con­tainers and trailers, bins and silos, and tarps and bunkers.