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quantum dots

Quantum Dot Applications

Phosphine Derivatives for Quantum Dot Displays

Syensqo’s phosphine derivatives play an enabling role in quantum dots, spherical nanocrystals composed of semiconducting materials. Companies throughout the electronics industry recognize Syensqo as an integral contributor to their quantum dot manufacturing and a host of quantum dot applications, from televisions, solar cells and biological imaging, to lasers and light sensors. 

Quantum dot manufacturers choose Syensqo’s high-purity products as precursors to semiconducting materials (for example, indium phosphide), ligands, solvents and delivery agents for chalcogens. 


Featured Products

The broad range and commercial-scale availability of Syensqo’s CYTOP® phosphine derivatives supports manufacturers of all quantum dot types, including both cadmium-containing and cadmium-free varieties. In the quantum dot display space, CYTOP® 380HP and CYTOP® 250 are industry references.  

CYTOP® 380 HP is a high-purity form of tri-n-octylphosphine (TOP). It plays a significant role in the formation of nanocrystals and, more specifically, quantum dot manufacture, as a high boiling solvent, passivating ligand, and reagent for the formation of trioctylphosphine chalcogenides.

Benefits include:

  • Purity level of 98% (including isomers)
  • Commercial-scale availability 

CYTOP® 250 is a high-purity form of tris(trimethylsilyl) phosphine (TMSP). CYTOP® 250 supports the formation of nanocrystals and, more specifically, cadmium-free quantum dot manufacture as a phosphorus source.

Benefits include: 

  • Purity level greater than 99%
  • Commercial-scale availability
  • Sold as is or in solution


Expanding Portfolio for Quantum Dot Applications

As the markets for quantum dot application technologies mature, the range of phosphorus chemistries required to support this emerging industry is expanding. Syensqo continues to add phosphines for quantum dot manufacture to its portfolio, including:

  • A secondary phosphine, RHODAPHOS® DPP, which is utilized as an activating agent in quantum dot synthesis
  • High-purity trioctylphosphine oxide, used as a quantum dot ligand
  • A high boiling point solvent, tributylphosphine (CYTOP® 340), with lower viscosity than some alternative solvents used in quantum dot manufacture
  • Phosphinic acids (CYTOP® 501), phosphonic acids (RHODAPHOS® LPA 100P) and phosphonates (RHODAPHOS® TEPA), which stabilize quantum dots in various organic matrices
  • A variety of products designed to deliver chalcogenides to the nanoparticles - CYTOP® 504 (trioctylphosphine selenide), CYTOP® 505 (trioctylphosphine sulfide) and CYTOP® 506 (tributylphosphine sulfide)

This broad range of products illustrates Syensqo's commitment to being the leading supplier of phosphorus chemistries for quantum dot applications.


Benefits of Working with Syensqo

  • Product support during the research, pilot and commercial scale-up phases at our ISO-certified industrial sites
  • An active development program looking to further next-generation precursors for cadmium-free quantum dots
  • Quality and supply chain reliability, with strong technical support
  • Regulatory compliance and best practices with regard to health, safety, environmental and sustainability issues