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The Largest Selection of the Highest Performing Polymers

Syensqo is the industry leader in specialty polymers, offering the broadest selection of high-performance thermoplastic resins, fluoroelastomers, and fluorinated fluids. The combination of Syensqo’s expansive portfolio and polymer expertise helps engineers solve the world’s toughest design challenges in automotive, batteries, smart devices, consumer goods, building and construction, healthcare, oil and gas, and other demanding industries.

Specialty polymers are characterized by their ability to retain desirable mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties when subjected to harsh environments, such as high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive chemicals. Depending on the product, they also offer biocompatibility, fatigue and wear resistance; flame retardant properties, corrosion protection, electrical inertness, and dimensional stability.

A portfolio of excellence that allows our customers to meet the fast-changing needs of their markets. You need to meet difficult challenges and stay one step ahead to remain at the top of your industry. That’s why you need a partner of the same caliber: top tier, with the highest performance.

The polymers industry is comprised of a wide variety of materials that offer a broad spectrum of performance. We can see how material value and performance increase moving up the pyramid, changing from low-performance commodity plastics to high and ultra-performance polymers.

Our Specialty Polymers are innovative, top-tier solutions that are at the very pinnacle of the pyramid.

Polymers in our portfolio can be divided into four different categories based on their molecular structure:

Amorphous thermoplastic polymers are inherently transparent materials and predominantly unreinforced.

Semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymers are opaque or translucent and may be unreinforced or compounded with additives such as glass, minerals and impact modifiers.

Fluids are liquid polymers that are typically clear and colorless. They can be neutral and inert but also functionalized to make them soluble in water or made to stick to various substrates.

Elastomers are polymers that can be stretched, and upon release, return to their original shape without permanent deformation. Their ability to conform to the geometries of adjacent surfaces makes them ideally suited for sealing applications.


EAPelectro-active polymerSolvene® EAP
ECTFEethylene chlorotrifluoroethyleneHalar® ECTFE
FKMfluoroelastomerTecnoflon® FKM
FFKMperfluoroelastomer (fully fluorinated)Tecnoflon® PFR FFKM
HPPhigh-performance polyesterLavanta® HPP
HPPAhigh-performance polyamide

Kalix® HPPA

Omnix® HPPA

LCPliquid crystal polymerXydar® LCP 
PAEKpolyaryletherketoneAvaSpire® PAEK
PAIpolyamide-imideTorlon® PAI
PARApolyarylamideIxef® PARA

KetaSpire® PEEK

Zeniva® PEEK


Veradel® PESU

Virantage® PESU


Fluorolink® PFPE

Fomblin® PFPE

Galden® PFPE

 perfluorosulfonic acidAquivion® ion conducting polymers
PPApolyphthalamideAmodel® PPA
PPSpolyphenylene sulfideRyton® PPS

Radel® PPSU

Veriva® PPSU


Eviva® PSU

Udel® PSU


Algoflon® L PTFE

Polymist® PTFE micronized powders

PVDFpolyvinylidene fluoride

Hylar® PVDF

Solef® PVDF

PVDCpolyvinylidene chloride

Diofan® PVDC

Ixan® PVDC