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Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

Ultra-Barrier Film Protection that can Increase Shelf Life


Packaging that Protects Product Success

Packaging must protect the pharmaceutical product from damage or degradation in order to ensure the safety of the patient. The choice of packaging is often essential for the success of the product. Blister packs made using Diofan® Super B PVDC protect products against humidity and contamination for extended periods of time, thereby increasing their shelf life.


Ultra-barrier Performance for High-Speed Lines

The primary component of a blister pack is a cavity or pocket made from a thermoformed plastic, such as Syensqo’s Diofan® Super B. The unique performance of Diofan® ultra-barrier film includes: consistent quality, packaging line efficiency with excellent thermoformability, allowing high pill density and smaller pack sizes.



Excellent Protection from Oxygen and Water Vapour

Films made with Diofan® Super B ultra-barrier coatings serve the global pharmaceutical market with their performance that delivers long-term drug safety, even in the most demanding climate conditions. Diofan® Super B coatings provide an excellent barrier to both oxygen and water vapor, while most other barrier polymers offer protection from just one or the other. It also protects from aroma and flavour loss or pickup.



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