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Surgical Instrument Tray for Dental Implant System

Endures repeated steam sterilization 

Strength, Transparency, Chemical Resistance, and Exceptional Sterilization Durability

Dental Surgical Instrument Kit

Made of Radel® PPSU, the surgical tray and colored transparent lid can withstand repeated steam sterilization cycles and autoclave temperatures up to 270°F (132°C) without significant loss of properties. Radel® PPSU was selected over metal and other thermoplastics for its impact strength, transparency, chemical resistance, flexibility, and exceptional sterilization durability.

Lightweight Radel® PPSU offers excellent chemical resistance and can withstand repeated disinfection and autoclaving – over 1,000 cycles – while maintaining its toughness and impact resistance. Added benefits to customers are the high rate of commercial success of Radel® PPSU in the orthopedics industry as well as the material's ability to significantly reduce the weight of sterilization trays without compromising durability.