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Industrial Membrane & Filtration

Specialty Polymers for Industrial Membrane & Filtration

Solef® PVDF, thanks to its unique properties, is ideal for the production of filter cartridges and housings.

Halar® ECTFE is a fluoropolymer used to create melt-blown fiber that offers the chemical and temperature resistance properties not available in polypropylene, polyethylene and other non-wovens:

  • Inertness
  • Low surface energy
  • Small fiber size


Typical application

Non-wovens for the separation of immiscible liquids or the elimination of mists in systems containing aggressive chemicals.

Fully fluorinated perfluoropolymer yarns and fibers made from Hyflon® MFA® are a unique product for high-performance filtration.

  • MFA® is impervious to virtually all industrial chemicals over a wide temperature range, with the same corrosion resistance as PFA and PTFE
  • Excellent high use temperature capability
  • Very low critical surface energy
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • Very low flammability


Algoflon® PTFE offers key properties:

  • Excellent chemical resistance over a wide temperature range
  • No solvent content
  • Non-flammable
  • Low critical surface energy; highly water repellent


Moreover, when modified with Aquivion® PFSA, it shows from good to very good wettability properties. Being a biphasic polymer with interpenetrating networks of PTFE-type semi-crystalline perfluoropolymer domains and water-containing channels with hydrated ionic groups, Aquivion® PFSA can be used, in fact, to modify hydrophobic surfaces of fluorinated polymers such as PTFE. After such treatment, performed on micro- or nanoporous PTFE webs (after structure formation), liquid mass flow is substantially increased.

Typical applications

  • Algoflon® D dispersions: impregnation filtration fabrics (both woven and non-woven)
  • Algoflon® DF powders: production of expanded PTFE or PTFE fibers filtration media with unique release properties combined with very high chemical and thermal resistance
  • Algoflon® granulars: can be molded and skived to very low thicknesses to obtain filter filaments