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Is the PA 6.6 Shortage Giving You Headaches?

Find Relief with High-Performance Polyamides for Structural Applications

Syensqo’s Omnix® HPPA as a Solution to the PA 6.6 Shortage for Structural Applications

Polyamide 6.6 (PA 6.6) is the world’s most commonly used material to manufacture plastics with heat resistance, strength and durability for automotive, healthcare, consumer and construction markets. However, PA 6.6 is currently experiencing a global shortage with no immediate solution in prospect to restore the world’s supply of this polymer.

In this webinar, Syensqo experts explore the technical and mechanical components of Omnix® HPPA and Ixef® PARA and provide industry-specific advantages of these specialty polymers as an alternative material for PA 6.6. 

This webinar covers: Cost-equivalent polymer with higher performance • Key benefits of lower moisture absorption • Comparison of dry and conditioned data • Options for more aesthetic surface appearance


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The skyrocketing price of PA 6.6 is now on par with Omnix® HPPA, a high performance polyamide that offers enhanced performance for structural applications that don’t require high heat resistance. Additionally, it can be injection molded on the same equipment as PA 6.6. Ixef® PARA builds on this performance, providing even higher strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability along with an exceptional surface finish.

PA 6.6 Pricing Overview

This webinar explains the price evolution of PA 6.6. The supply deficiency has caused PA 6.6 prices to reach the cost of some higher performing alternatives and prices are expected to escalate over the next few years. Syensqo currently offers Omnix® HPPA, which is a cost-equivalent alternative that outperforms PA 6.6 in system quality and efficiency. Additionally, the price margin is greatly reduced between the current price of PA 6.6 and Ixef® PARA.

Polyamide Performance Spectrum

This webinar explores the performance benefits of Omnix® HPPA over PA 6.6. In addition, for applications requiring higher performance, we offer insight into Syensqo’s full polyamide portfolio, including Ixef® PARA and PPA.

Mechanical Properties of Polyamide Performance

Syensqo’s high-performance specialty polymers, Omnix® HPPA and Ixef® PARA, have better mechanical capabilities than PA 6.6. These alternative materials offer lower moisture absorption, higher strength, better stiffness and more dimensional stability. In this webinar, professionals use both dry and conditioned data to explain the benefits of using Syensqo’s polyamides over PA 6.6.  

Applications using Omnix® HPPA and Ixef® PARA

Syensqo’s Omnix® HPPA operates under processing and molding parameters that are similar to PA 6.6 tooling, which makes it a possible solution for structural applications using  PA 6.6. In this webinar, Syensqo experts analyze various examples in which our specialty polymers offer exceptional performance in lightweighting capabilities, lower water absorption, ease of process, resistance to chemicals, lower creep. In addition to these benefits, Ixef® PARA offers an improved surface finish.

Total Value Proposition of Omnix® HPPA and Ixef® PARA

Experts explore the mechanical properties of Syensqo’s Omnix® HPPA and Ixef® PARA, offer technical support, provide professional insight to audience questions and explain the stable pricing levels of these high-performance polymers going forward. Watch this webinar to gain deep insight into the total value proposition of Syensqo’s cost-comparable, higher performance polymers for structural applications.