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Growth platforms

Accelerating growth through platforms

Syensqo is at the forefront of driving change. We foster a culture of exploration, creative thinking and problem-solving, throughout our scientific, industrial, and technological ecosystems.

With a commitment to pushing boundaries, we actively engage with and invest in partnerships and discovery processes, to develop sustainable solutions that address complex challenges. Our team transforms scientific research and technologies into game-changing industrial applications by being bold, embracing collaboration, and having a commitment to innovative thinking wherever it comes from. 

Syensqo’s Growth Platforms

The world needs science to address the urgent issues facing humanity. That’s why Syensqo is focused on driving innovation in four critical areas of sustainability:

  • Advancing thermoplastic composites to reduce weight and emissions 
  • Providing environmentally responsible solutions for the next generation of batteries: making batteries reusable on a mass scale and enabling a circular economy across the battery value chain 
  • Accelerating the green hydrogen economy
  • Supporting the transition to a carbon-neutral future through the use of renewable materials and biotechnology.