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Aeropaste 1003

Syensqo introduces AeroPaste® 1003: an innovative two-part room-temperature paste increasing efficiency for aerospace manufacturers

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Syensqo to showcase its research and material solutions at SAMPE Long Beach 2024

Syensqo is launching AeroPaste® 1003, a new grade of its epoxy-based structural paste adhesives which already includes AeroPaste® 1006 and 1100. This aerospace adhesive will not only increase part assembly efficiency but also offers great processing flexibility, making it ideal for targeted high production rates in markets such as Advanced Air Mobility, Commercial Aerospace and Defense. 

AeroPaste® 1003 is designed for structural bonding of metallic and composite parts, rapid assembly, repair applications and is suitable for out of autoclave. It has excellent high temperature strength performance, and is easy to mix with controlled flow properties to allow for easy dispensing. It provides film-like properties and performance, comparable or superior to leading film adhesives currently on the market. 

AeroPaste® 1003 can be used in automated processes supporting industrialization requirements in the aerospace industry by increasing manufacturers’ efficiency and output thanks to its fast and easy application. 

“Syensqo’s long standing leadership in the development of aerospace adhesive technologies has led us to develop the next-generation of paste adhesives that meet the industry’s need for higher rate assembly and joining. Initial feedback from customers is very promising and we look forward to introducing AeroPaste® 1003 at SAMPE Long Beach 2024.”

Dr. Stephen Heinz, Vice President of Research and Innovation of Syensqo’s Composite Materials Business

Dr. Heinz will also deliver the keynote speech at SAMPE Long Beach 2024 providing thought leadership on how the Materials & Process (M&P) community can best prepare to support future innovations within the aerospace and defense industries.

In addition, Syensqo’s original research and advanced material solutions will be featured in three technical presentations at the show:

  • Syensqo Product Development Scientist Dr. Rhys Tapper will present on SolvaLite® 716FR, a rapid curing epoxy prepreg system, designed to meet the thermal needs for electric vehicle battery enclosures. 
  • Syensqo research partner Dr. Salma El Euch of Centre Technologique en Aérospatiale (CTA) will present new insights into the rheological, thermal-chemical and compaction properties of the 2x2 twill weave of CYCOM® EP2750.
  • Dr. Goran Fernlund of Convergent Manufacturing Technologies will present an enhanced machine learning approach for fitting cure kinetics models to dynamic scanning data (DSC) using the high performance epoxy matrix CYCOM® EP2190.

Finally, as main sponsors and partners of the show’s presentation theater, Syensqo will share updates on its high performance and lightweighting technologies for space and defense and offer a deep dive in its adhesive portfolio and its hot compression molding solutions.

Visit Syensqo at Booth E10 at SAMPE Long Beach 2024 to meet our team of experts. 

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Syensqo’s established portfolio of adhesive and surfacing technology enables increased production rates, improved manufacturing efficiency and the growing demand for sustainable solutions. Our technologies are qualified by all major commercial and defense aerospace OEMs and are a vital component in the development of light, safe and fuel efficient aircraft.

aeropaste epoxy based structural paste aeropaste
Increasing efficiency for aerospace manufacturers

Syensqo introduces AeroPaste® 1003

A new generation of epoxy-based structural paste adhesives