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aeropaste epoxy based structural paste aeropaste


Epoxy-based structural paste adhesives 

A new generation of epoxy-based structural paste adhesives 

AeroPaste® materials provide film-like property and performance, comparable or superior to leading film adhesives on the market.

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Designed specifically to enable rapid assembly and automation

This new portfolio of paste adhesives will support industrialization requirements in the aerospace industry. AeroPaste® will increase manufacturers’ efficiency and output by enabling fast and easy application, and offering excellent tolerance to variations in bondline thickness

AeroPaste® offers manufacturers maximum flexibility

By meeting a variety of application requirements: one-part and two-part formats, in and out of autoclave processing, suitable for both metal and composite bonding or repair, long out-time and broad range of cure temperatures, AeroPaste® offers manufacturers maximum flexibility in their processes.

Paste adhesives designed to answer Aerospace specific needs

Improved bonding performances 

  • High shear/high peel epoxy paste with film-like performance
  • Excellent hot/wet property retention and environmental durability
  • Superior metal & composite structural bonding
  • Designed for metal and composite bonding and repair applications

Better conservation and maximized process manufacturing 

  • Our products are thixotropic, slum-resistant and automation capable
  • They have a long pot life (working time) and can stay 1 year on shelf at RT (for 2K paste)
  • No vacuum bagging or autoclave of the part

Easy to use adhesives for decreased manufacturing time 

  • They have a good tolerance to bondline thickness variations
  • Our adhesive pastes are available in One-part and Two-part paste with broad processing windows (wide range of temperature) cure flexibility
  • They are easy-to-use and handle 

Syensqo offers a wide range of adhesive and surfacing technologies

Our full portfolio includes paste adhesives, film adhesives, surfacing films and lightning strike protection (LSP), composite surface preparation, bonding primers, honeycomb fill and splice, and foams, shims and sealants.

Considered as industry benchmarks for light, safe and fuel efficient aircraft

Our products are qualified by all major OEMs for use on commercial and defense aircraft programs and are proven to perform in demanding applications.

Technologies to answer today and future transportation challenges

Transportation manufacturers rely on Syensqo for world-leading adhesive and surfacing technology that support increased production rate, improved manufacturing efficiency and the growing demand for sustainable solutions. 

We focus on developing breakthrough technologies that revolutionize the way adhesive and surfacing products are used; as well as developing specific technical solutions to support our customers on their innovation roadmap.

AeroPaste® product Portfolio 

Designed for out of autoclave structural bonding and rapid assembly applications.

Key Features

  • Strength and peel performance comparable or higher than 250°F cure past adhesives
  • Excellent high temperature strength performance
  • Easy to mix with controlled flow properties to allow easy dispensing for application and use
  • Thixotropic, slump resistant
  • Broad processing window allows for cure at low and high temperatures

Designed for out of autoclave structural bonding and rapid assembly applications.

Key Features

  • High strength, high toughness, excellent hot/wet
  • performance
  • Thixotropic, low slump, easy to use
  • Service temperature of 250°F dry and 180°F wet
  • Long pot life (4 hours) and long shelf life (1 year)

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Designed for rapid assembly of metal and composite structures

Key Features

  • Superior static and dynamic properties, high impact resistance

  • High strength, high toughness, and exceptional hot/wet performance

  • Excellent bondline thickness tolerance

  • Thixotropic, slump resistant, easy to use (manual or automation)

  • One part paste and no premix required

  •  Long working time

Low temperate cure paste adhesives

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