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Low temperate cure paste adhesives

Structural Adhesives & Surfacing

A reliable partner with world-leading adhesive and surfacing technology


Syensqo’s portfolio supports industry needs for increased production rate, improved manufacturing efficiency and the growing demand for sustainable solutions. 

Our technologies are considered as industry benchmarks and enable the development of light, safe and fuel efficient cars and aircraft.

Adhesives for lightweighting, higher performance, and cost reduction

Our adhesives are suitable for composite-to-composite, composite-to-metal and metal-to-metal bonding. Our products are designed to address the challenges that customers face due to varying substrate materials, robotic assembly processes and an infinite combination of production environments and performance requirements. 

Why bond rather than use fasteners or spot welding? 

  • More uniform stress distribution increasing fatigue life
  • Superior vibration and damping capability
  • Better resistance to catastrophic failure
  • Stiffening effect 
  • Weight and cost savings 
  • Possible to assemble dissimilar materials
  • The only efficient way to attach a face sheet (skin) to honeycomb core

Surfacing technologies for improved surface finish, part finishing efficiency and multi functionality

We develop and manufacture a comprehensive range of composite surfacing films fully compatible with state of the art thermoset prepregs. These films provide a range of surface options, including tough and high visual quality finishes, with exceptional surface quality that is essentially free of surface imperfections.  The surfaces are paint-ready, direct from the mold, most with either no or minimal reworking prior to use. Because it reduces defects by 95 % resulting in less manufacturing cost and processing time,  SURFACE MASTER® surfacing films have become the industry standard for composite material surfacing.


Why the need for surfacing products?

  • High quality surface essentially free of imperfections
  • Lightning strike protection
  • Reduces labor-intensive surface preparation in shop floor
  • UV resistance
  • Options for multifunctionality including fire barrier, moisture barrier, EME protections, self release