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Equipment & Digitization

Planting the Seeds of Digital Tools and Technological Advancements for Agriculture

Digital and technological advancements in agriculture are rapidly evolving with the introduction of cutting-edge equipment and materials designed to secure and increase crop yield. Digital tools that enable monitoring of farm operations, coupled with analytics, are proving especially valuable in detecting stressors, such as disease or water scarcity.

Along with digital tools, innovation in materials such as agricultural films is enabling farmers to optimize yields, even in the harshest growing environments. 

Agricultural films, particularly those used in greenhouses, help provide a consistent growing environment while optimizing the use of resources such as water and protecting crops against exposure to extreme weather conditions. 

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Enhancing Agricultural Films Performance

With over 35 years of experience in stabilizing plastics for the agricultural market, Syensqo has a wide range of UV light stabilizers and other polymer additives designed to protect the integrity of plastic films in various agricultural applications, including greenhouse coverings, mulch film, shade nets, and silage wrap.

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