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Agriculture solvay - Grain & seed care

Seed & Grain Care

Better Quality, Productivity and Plant Growth with Seed Biostimulants, Seed Coating and Fumigants

Seed care includes seed treatments to protect against pests and disease plus seed enhancements to ensure the quality and plantability of certified seeds. More recently, seed-applied biostimulants have been added to help seeds thrive in diverse soil and water conditions. 

As a proven innovator in the agricultural industry, our commitment to the science of seed care is demonstrated by our investment in the future of seed technology to develop innovative treatment solutions and biological formulations.

Fumigation is also an important part of agricultural resource protection, used for the short-term or long-term storage of commodities such as grain, nuts and fruit, and Syensqo is raising the bar for fumigation agrochemicals

Our Solutions for Seed & Grain Care


Types of Ingredients

Discover our products range from formulation inerts (binders and dispersants) to biostimulant formulations and fumigation solutions for safe seed storage.

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