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Solutions for Steering System Components

Manufacturers of steering system components require resilient materials to ensure mechanical strength, stability and efficient operation under harsh service conditions. Syensqo’s materials provide excellent solutions for the development of complex components such as housing, gears, torque sensors, tilt telescopic steering and ball joints.



Steering systems housing need materials with excellent dimensional stability and electrical compatibility to ensure safety and efficiency. Xencor® PARA provides processing and manufacturing ease as well as longevity for steering system housings.



Gears in today’s most advanced steering systems require materials that can excel in high temperatures and harsh conditions. KetaSpire® PEEK offers automotive OEMs a choice solution for gear applications due to their outstanding strength at extremely high temperatures and the reduction of NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) which is a key in e-mobility. 


Torque Sensor

As an important unit for safety, the torque sensor receives information from the drive to guide the car. Torque sensors need materials like Amodel® PPA where over-molding of electrodes is needed. Amodel® PPA shows its electrical insulative properties at extreme high temperatures which protects the electric circuit ensuring safety for the users.


Tilt Telescopic Steering

Trends in tilt telescopic steering design prioritize low moisture absorption and cost reduction. Syensqo’s materials enable tilt-telescoping steering component manufacturers to meet recent trends, as well as grant higher mechanical strength in parts. KetaSpire® PEEK is used to replace machined metal or plastic parts saving time for production.


Ball Joints

Ball joints require superior mechanical stability. However, they also must be heavy and present a challenge for manufacturers seeking lightweighting capabilities. Syensqo’s KetaSpire® PEEK is an ideal alternative for metals because of its combination of exceptional resistance to harmful substances, mechanical strength, friction and wear resistance under high-temperature service.