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A comprehensive range of thermoplastic composites for demanding applications

Evolite® offers outstanding mechanical properties (high tensile strength, compression resistance; no corrosion; excellent resistance to various environments) and is designed for use in ultra-lightweight composite applications in high-volume automotive (such as rotor sleeves, Electric Drive Unit (EDU) reinforcement or hydrogen Tank for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) and energy applications (such as spoolable pipes for onshore and offshore applications).


Evolite® benefits includes short cycle-time processing and great mechanical resistance 

Evolite® thermoplastic composites range offers multiple benefits including:: 

  • Easier manufacturing with short cycle-time processing,  enabling fast in situ consolidation, design freedom and the possibility to integrate function integration
  • Better recyclability associated with thermoplastics being inherently recyclable as they be can be melted and reused
  • Unmatched mechanical resistance under tensile, flexural, compressive, or shear stress
  • Compatibility with engineered compounds for overmolding process. Indeed, using the same thermoplastic resin than the matrix of the composite enables rapid manufacturing of complex parts with local reinforcements.  


The Evolite® range includes:

Thermoplastic matrixProduct formReinforcementApplication
PPSUD tapeGlass or carbon fiberAutomotive; Oil & Gas
PVDFUD tapeCarbon FiberOil & Gas
PEEKUD tapeCarbon FiberAutomotive; Oil & Gas

In conjunction with Evolite® semi-finished products, Syensqo also offers a wide range of compatible short and long fiber reinforced injection molding compounds to enable the manufacturing of complex, lightweight, and cost-effective parts based on thermoplastic composites.

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