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Amodel® PPA

Designed to Thrive Where Only the Strong Survive

Amodel® polyphthalamide (PPA) is a family of high-temperature polyamides that retain their high strength and stiffness up to 280°C. They maintain mechanical integrity after thousands of hours at elevated temperatures and in high humidity and chemically aggressive environments.

With a high melting point over 300°C, Amodel® PPA enables electronic processes and assembly including surface mount technology (SMT), IR reflow soldering, and overmolding of metals.


Distinctive Base Resins

Products in the Amodel® PPA portfolio are based on one of five different base resins, each offering distinct product and processing characteristics. Our new Amodel® Supreme PPA products are based on our new 9000 Series base resin.

Base ResinDescriptionTg, °C (°F)Tm, °C (°F)
1000 SeriesBest balance of performance and processability.
High long-term thermal performance
123 (253)313 (595)
4000 Series
Hot-water moldable
Fastest crystallization for very fast cycle times.
Highest elongation.
High flow HFZ grades available.
100 (212)325 (617)
6000 Series
Hot-water moldable
Excellent processing and surface appearance.
High elongation.
Used when ease of processing is a critical factor.
88 (190)310 (590)
8000 SeriesBetter thermal performance and lower moisture absorption than 1000 Series products. 130 (266)325 (617)
9000 Series
Amodel® Supreme
Industry’s highest Tg of 165°C.
Higher mechanical performance between 140-200°C.
Exceptional CTI, dielectric properties and volume resistivity.
165 (320) 325 (617)



Market Applications

For over 25 years, Amodel® has been used in automotive, electronics, consumer, and industrial applications. Amodel® has a long history of replacing metals (die cast Al and Mg) in a range of automotive applications, including thermostat housings, clutch cylinders, charge air coolers, heater cores and water pumps. Select grades with food contact and drinking water approval have enabled metal replacement in small appliances and plumbing components. In Green Hydrogen applications, Amodel® PPA  is ideal in fuel cell systems where the use of metals as a construction material is prohibitive. Typical applications include end plates for fuel cell stacks, as well as air management, hydrogen management and thermal management system components.


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Amodel® PPA Product Line 

Amodel® PPA resins use fiber reinforcements, heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, flame retardants, minerals and other additives to achieve a broad range of performance, price and processing options. Product families are differentiated by using a prefix at the beginning of the grade name.

AStandard, glass-filled, heat stabilizedETHighly impact modified 
AEElectrically-friendly, non-corrosive heat stabilizer FCFood contact
AFAFlame retardantFWWear resistance
ASStructural, glass-filled, heat stabilized,
improved weldline strength,
thick-walled parts (>3mm)
HFFRHalogen-free flame retardant  
ATImpact modifiedHFZHigh flow for thin-walled parts, faster cycle times
AXSEnhanced stiffness, strength
and impact for large structural parts
HHLong-term oxidative stability >230°C
DWDrinking waterLZTLaser welding

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