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High-Performance Materials for Automotive Steering Systems

Characterized by high-strength and high-temperature resistance, our vast range of materials for steering systems includes industry-proven solutions. Syensqo’s portfolio of solutions includes trusted brands such as Amodel® PPA, Ryton® PPS, EvoliteTM, Xencor® PARA and KetaSpire® PEEK.

  • Amodel® PPA - A family of high-temperature polyamides, Amodel® PPA is optimal for use in automotive applications due to its exceptional performance in high heat and humidity. This high-performance polymer exhibits excellent mechanical integrity at elevated temperatures and performs well in chemically aggressive environments, making it ideal for several steering system applications, such as torque sensors and gears.
  • Ryton® PPS - This high-heat polymer performs well in automotive components exposed to high temperatures, mechanical stress, and corrosive fluids. Ryton® PPS is an advantageous alternative to conventional metals used in steering systems. 
  • EvoliteTM - Demanding automotive applications in steering systems benefit from EvoliteTM’s range of thermoplastic composites. EvoliteTM offers good mechanical properties, crash capabilities, stress resistance, and lightweighting in complex applications.
  • Xencor® PARA - The family of Xencor® products is ideal for metal replacement and semi-structural applications. Xencor® compounds achieve high performance, design freedom, weight reduction, and more in complex automotive components such as steering systems.
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - KetaSpire® PEEK operates at high temperatures and retains mechanical properties in continuous, high heat use. With a vast range of grades for specific automotive applications, KetaSpire® PEEK offers superior fatigue and chemical resistance in demanding service conditions.