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Improve E-Motor Performance with Thinner, Smoother, and Cleaner Slot Liners

Today’s e-motor engineers seek innovative slot liner solutions for enhanced lightweighting and increased vehicle range. Optimizing the insulation materials in an e-motor is one of the ways in which design engineers reach their targets.

As the Electric Vehicles industry shifts from 400 Volt systems to 800 volts or higher, it is clear that traditional papers and paper laminates are not optimized for these new environments. 

That is why we’ve worked with designers to evaluate our AjediumTM PEEK Thermoplastic Films slot liners' effectiveness as a high-voltage, high-temperature slot insulation material for e-motors in electric vehicles (EVs). AjediumTM PEEK slot liners reduce the thickness of the required secondary insulation, enabling an increased copper slot fill to maximize the torque output in modern electric vehicles

In this e-guide you will access performance data about:

  • Improved electrical resistance and increased slot fill factor
  • Enhanced laminate performance after creasing
  • Reduced friction for easier copper wire insertion

Syensqo is a leading developer of solutions for e-motor applications, including high-performance thermoplastics for magnet wire, busbars and slot liners. We can support you in pushing the boundaries of slot liner design and engineering for more efficient e-motors.

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