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Enhancing Power and Efficiency in E-Motors

As electric motors (e-motors) continue to push the design envelope with higher voltages, higher temperatures and new cooling fluids, polymeric materials used in e-motor manufacturing must be able to maintain electrical and mechanical properties in these more aggressive environments. In addition to maintaining electrical properties, the polymer must be tough enough to support harsh bending operations during manufacturing, provide good abrasion and scratch resistance, and be resistant to the water/glycol-based coolants or ATF used for thermal management.

Syensqo’s specialty polymers for e-motors are equipped with superior features to enhance the power and efficiency of a variety of e-motor applications. Our broad portfolio of e-mobility materials offer advanced insulation properties, which help OEMs meet the demands of reduced motor size and weight paired with increased operating voltage and temperatures.

Advanced Portfolio of Specialty Polymers for E-Motors

Syensqo develops the automotive materials industry’s broadest selection of polymers, which includes high-performance thermoplastics, fluids and elastomers. Our advanced specialty polymers for e-motors are characterized by their ability to retain desirable mechanical, thermal and chemical properties when subjected to harsh environments such as high pressure, high temperature and corrosive chemicals. Our material solutions for e-motors are renowned brands, including KetaSpire® PEEK, Torlon® PAI, Amodel® PPA, Ryton® PPS, Xydar® LCP, AjediumTM Films, XencorTM LFT, Tecnoflon® FKM, Fomblin® PFPE and Galden® PFPE.

Versatile Material Solutions for E-Motors

Our industry-leading portfolio of high-performance polymers empowers e-motor OEMs with a dynamic range of performance and processing benefits. Syensqo’s versatile and sustainable materials for e-motors are widely utilized in various applications including magnet wires, slot liners and slot wedges, connectors and busbars, lubrication and cooling, and seals.

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ApplicationRequirementsSpecialty Polymer Solutions
Magnet wire


Heat resistance from 160°C to 250°C

Electrical insulation

Good permittivity

Multiple shapes (round, rectangular…)

Torlon® HHPAI (enamel, up to 240°C)

KetaSpire® PEEK * (extrusion, over 240°C)

Slot liners and slot wedges 


Heat resistance

Stiffness for assembly

Electrical insulation properties

Ajedium PEEK Films (extruded, thicknesses
from 0.05 mm  to 0.2 mm)

Xydar® LCP (injection molded)

Xencor™ LFT (wedges)

Connectors and busbars


Heat resistance

CTI, dielectric strength

Ryton® PPS *

Amodel® PPA *

Cooling -Traditional 




Cooling - Immersion

Glycol resistance

Heat Resistance

Dimensional Stability


Heat Transfer

Chemically inert and compatible

Non flammable

Ryton® PPS *

Amodel® PPA *



Galden® PFPE



Long-lasting lubrication 

Non flammable

High dielectric properties

Chemically inert

Compatible with metals, elastomers, plastics

Fomblin® PFPE

Flexibility to -40°C

Property Retention at +175°C

Resistance to Lubricants/Greases

Good Friction & Wear

Tecnoflon® FKM

* Products manufactured using 100% renewable energy.