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Automotive water pump of the engine cooling system in the hands of an auto mechanic

E-water Pumps

Reliable Solutions for E-Water Pumps

Modern automotive applications require optimal thermal conditions for long-lasting and reliable performance. Manufacturers rely on exemplary e-water pumps to transport oil and liquids in a wide range of key components within automobiles. However, e-water pumps are complex. From low moisture absorption and dimensional stability to resistance to extreme temperatures, automotive water pumps demand reliable, resilient materials for efficient manufacturing and performance.  

Syensqo’s specialty e water pump polymers and thermal management solutions deliver outstanding property enhancements for effective automotive thermal management. Our portfolio of high-performance polymers grants e-water pump components exceptional design freedom, property retention and dimensional stability in a wide range of automotive e-water pump applications especially when exposed to extreme thermal conditions. 


Innovative Materials for E-Water Materials

As one of the automotive industry’s most trusted specialty materials suppliers, our portfolio of solutions addresses e-water pumps' demanding needs. Syensqo’s reliable products include industry-proven brands such as Amodel® PPA and Ryton® PPS.

Enhanced E-Water Pump Components 

E-water pumps are composed of various components designed for thermal optimization. Syensqo’s products meet stringent regulatory demands, as well as reliability, thermal endurance and dimensional stability requirements to facilitate some of today’s most advanced e-water pumps. Our specialty polymer solutions are utilized in complex e-water pump components such as:

  • M256 E-Water Pump Volute
  • M256 E-Water Pump Wet Sleeve
  • Water Pump Impellers.

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