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Car air conditioning

Thermal Management Modules

Fuel Efficient Automotive Thermal Management Modules

Today’s downsized automotive engines present a variety of optimization challenges for manufacturers. These engines require compact and lightweight thermal management solutions to regulate drivetrain and engine temperature while ensuring reduced fuel consumption. Automotive manufacturers must employ powerful yet light solutions to satisfy ever-expanding sustainability and performance demands of a high-performance automotive themal management system.

Syensqo helps automotive manufacturers maximize internal combustion engine (ICE) performance with lighter, more durable automotive thermal management modules that regulate drivetrain temperature to boost fuel efficiency and increase sustainability. Syensqo’s innovative thermal management solutions deliver more targeted and effective temperature control to ensure greater fuel economy.


Advanced Materials for Enhanced Automotive Thermal Regulation

Contemporary thermal management solutions must deliver precise drivetrain temperature control in a smaller, more sustainable package suitable for downsized engines. Automotive manufacturers trust Syensqo’s industry-leading technologies to optimize engine performance for greater vehicle sustainability and longevity. Syensqo’s thermal management solutions products Amodel® PPA for improving housing and Ryton® PPS for internal valve balls. This high-performance material is critical to automotive lightweighting solutions, helping manufacturers produce more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Better Thermal Management Regulation Solutions

Thermal management systems depend on the efficient operation of its components. Syensqo’s products are known to facilitate thermal stability, resistance and avoid moisture absorption in key components such as internal ball valves and housings.

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