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Car air conditioning
Thermal Management Modules


Outstanding Products for Internal Ball Valves

To maximize fuel-efficiency, thermal management modules must operate during tough conditions. Syensqo’s products for thermal management modules address key thermal and environmental concerns in key components, such as internal ball valves and housings.


Internal Ball Valves

Internal Ball Valves operate under demanding environments. Therefore, they need to be composed of materials that prevent moisture absorption while being resistant to coolants with temperatures of 135 C°. Syensqo’s Ryton® PPS R-7-220 NA not only provides high-quality service under high temperatures but also tight dimensions due to low warpage and moisture absorption.

Housings & Sleeves

Housings in thermal management modules are exposed to long hours of operation and must demonstrate toughness in a wide range of scenarios. Amodel® PPA offers enhanced property performance, property retention in glycol for up to 3,000 hours, and lower moisture uptake than conventional materials.