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The Broadest Solutions Portfolio for Batteries

Syensqo, a leader in fluorine chemistry, began creating specific solutions for batteries by specializing in advanced materials for electrode binders and separator coatings. Then, by investing in dedicated research and innovation, we expanded our portfolio to include many different ingredients present in electrolytes such as conducting salts, additives, and fluoride-based solvents. Today we offer the broadest selection of technologies, materials, and ingredients for battery cells, cell structural components, and battery enclosures to increase performance, safety, and recycling of today's and tomorrow’s batteries.


Binder & Separator Coatings

  • Solef® PVDF is a partially fluorinated polymer with excellent chemical and thermal properties. It is ideal for electrode binder materials and separator coating layers to enhance performance, processability, and safety and is available in environment-friendly water-based grades.
Advantages of adding Solef


  • SolgainTM is the latest Syensqo technology to improve safety and battery performance and reduce cost by enabling a much leaner and less capital-intensive process. It is also a way to manufacture “dry cathodes”, eliminating dangerous solvents and drying steps. 


Conductive Salts

  • LiTFSI, LiFSI, M-TFSI are innovative, high purity conductive salts with outstanding electrochemical properties to increase performance and safety and enable High Voltage solutions.


Solvents & Additives

  • Energain® is the new generation of fluorinated solvents and formulations for High Voltage Electrolyte (up to 5V). This technology enables the extension of operating voltage and cell capacity.


Cell Structural Components & Enclosure

  • Ryton® PPS with excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation is the best lightweighting candidate for replacing metal structural material within the battery module, such as cell frame or the module end-plate.
  • Hyflon® Perfluoropolymers are melt-processable resins specifically designed for high-temperature service with outstanding electrical insulation and excellent chemical resistance for high-performance cell gaskets.
  • Evolite® is a lightweight composite with unmatched mechanical resistance under tensile, flexural, compressive, and shear stress.



  • CYANEX® is a series of extractants developed by Syensqo to provide the mining industry with an effective method for separating nickel, cobalt, and various other metals.  It also enables the recovery of high purity lithium, cobalt, and nickel from spent lithium-ion batteries.