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Paint & coatings - coalescing agent in paint
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Syensqo's High-Performing Film Coalescing Agents

With decades of experience delivering coatings solutions, Syensqo helps formulators develop film coalescing agents that meet the highest standards expected by the coatings industry. Our portfolio of sustainable solutions includes Rhodoline® CL 3101 and Rhodiasolv® DIB.


  • Rhodiasolv® DIB - A VOC-free offer, Rhodiasolv® DIB is a film coalescing agent ideal for architectural and industrial coatings and paint. The product is highly efficient in reducing the minimum film formation temperature in various resin systems. Additionally, Rhodiasolv® DIB combines a high boiling point with an ideal evaporation rate to avoid the drawbacks of plasticizers. 
  • Rhodoline® CL 3101 - Rhodoline® CL 3101 is an outstanding VOC-free and low-odor coalescent agent for waterborne coatings and paints. This coalescing agent is part of a long line of additives meant to enhance the performance properties of a wide range of coating systems, such as stability, wetting and dispersing.